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Pauline is sure she can now double her company in the next three years.

Basically, trying to make the company a turnkey operation. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and I really enjoy the business, and I’d like to make it a turnkey. Not that I want to sell it, but I think that’s the most efficient way to be. Make it turnkey and then decide you want to stay there because everything’s running so smoothly, so …

One of the biggest takeaways for me is Mike took me on my shit, and actually as a business owner, very rarely do you get that. It had to do with the mind. I forgot what he said. What’s the name of it? The blind spots or whatever. Having someone take you on on that is really valuable. This lecture that we just ended, the book, I think it was “Profit First,” that was a really good takeaway. I’m an accountant, but I loved the way the lecture was presented and just really everything that I’ve experienced in the last four days has been awesome.

I’ll tell you, I have been to lots of seminars. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on consulting, on coaching, on mentoring, and this has to be the best one. I have been looking for the last 10 years for somebody that mentors bricks and mortar business construction businesses, and it’s very hard to find. I don’t know how I connected with Mike. It just came across my desk, and the whole CEO Warrior thing, it just pulled me. I think for any contracting business that’s looking for something like this, this is the best.

Well, you can see everything, and there’s no bullshit. He tells you how things are and they bring you on a tour of the whole place. What he says is actually what is happening here. That’s like the best. You get these gurus, and they talk a good game, but there’s proof behind it. This is like living proof, and it’s good to have something to aspire to that somebody actually does this.

Well, Mike comes from the trades, and I think you really have to come from the trades and be a successful business person in order to have credibility with the people that attend the seminar. I’m very touched by the way Mike cares about the people that are in attendance. I mean, you can just see it. To me, this guy is taking his time to mentor us. He could with his genius and his qualifications, he could be so many other places, but he’s here with us, and that means a lot to me.

I don’t want to have limited belief on it, but I’m very successful now that I can double my company in the next three years. We’ve had the same level of sales for the last 25 years, and I’ve had this fear of growing the company. Mike’s shown me that that fear is foundless, so I can easily double my business, which is from 5 million to 10 million and my second step after that is 15 million I would say in the next seven or eight years easy. I know I can do it now.

They can’t afford it. I think the biggest excuse is you can’t afford it, and the lecture that we just saw, you have to be able to afford it. You have to make it because you’ll always be in that struggling mode. You need to get out and see what other people are doing because when you’re in your office just staying there and not getting the input of other people, you’re wasting your time. You really need to get out and see what other people are doing and learn from other people.

It all comes down to you don’t know what you don’t know. If this is your first experience with working with a mentor, when he told me it was only X amount to do this, I was figuring it was going to be double that. You can spend a lot of money but spend your money wisely, and this guy really cares. He’ll do very good by you, and just take that for whatever it’s worth.

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