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Patrick feels the Warrior Fast Tack Academy is the best business investment he’s made so far.

Growth really. We’ve been involved in a number of other programs to help us out with training and business and everything else. We kind of stalled out as a company. We were growing still, but so slowly that it just wasn’t enough for us, so we were looking to grow faster.

He built a company on his own, and it’s the size it is, so it’s impressive, you know? In the amount of time he did it.

Mindset. A lot of mindset. Be a leader, the mindset of a leader, how to make yourself that person, and how to spread that without your company.

I haven’t been to a ton of other seminars in hotels, and even with very charismatic leaders, even with that leader of the pack mentality, it’s still not the same. Seeing what he did, seeing what he created, seeing what’s here, yeah, definitely a huge part of it. He’s not holding anything back, he’ll show you whatever you want to see.

It’s huge, yeah. I mean, I’m a manager, so even on my level an investment for the whole company is justified.

Easily one of the best investments we’ve made so far as business training goes. No question.

If you’re on the fence, do you want success or do you want shit out of life? Do you want to fail? If you want to fail, don’t do anything. Just sit at home. That’s cool. That’s fine with me, I mean, if that’s fine with you, do that. If you want to succeed, come here, just come here. You’ll see.

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