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Patrick feels like he is finally getting his life back again!

Wow. It’s pretty hard to eliminate down to 3 of them, but probably the first number 1 for me is just getting back my life as far as getting the time that my business has sucked out of me for the last 15 years. Getting that back. My personal, with my family, just to making more of what I’ve got. It’s amazing. The money was a concern a little bit. It’s not cheap, for sure. Just getting the value out of the thing was a concern of mine. As far as what I got now, it’s amazing. It’s 10 times what I paid, it’s what it’s worth to me now. If I left a day without even joining the Warrior Group, I’d still be very excited about what I did this week. It’s mind blowing.

Profit wise, over the next year, if I implemented 3 of the things of the thousands of things that we’ve learned this week, my small company, $100,000. Do it. If you’re on the fence about it, if you’re just thinking about it at all, just do it. There’s no hesitation. Come out here. Get it done. Just simple … I’m a small boy from Minnesota, small company. Yeah. Just do it. Get it done.

Just like Mike says every day, we limit ourselves and our successes by self doubting ourselves, our lack of confidence, the things that we know we have to do, but we don’t do. That’s what we’re being taught here every day. We’re trying to crush some limitations. It’s the only way we’re going to succeed, or move forward from where we’re at now, doing that same thing over and over again. It’s crazy.

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