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NEWS: When ‘Almost’ Isn’t Good Enough

How To Stop Losing Money (And Your Mind) Because Your Team Isn’t Doing What Needs To Be Done

Are we on the same page?” asks the contracting business owner.

The team member nods in agreement and leaves to complete the task.

Hours later, the team member returns, proud of the task completed. Unfortunately, it’s not what you wanted.  What now? Do you get the team member to redo the task? Do you assign someone else? Do you complete the task yourself? At what cost to your business? And what if it was a task for a customer and now the business is impacted financially?

This scenario happens daily, in many different ways, in contracting businesses around the world. The owner has one idea and delegates (hey, delegation is a step in the right direction!) Meanwhile, the team member completes the task at the level they think is appropriate but it turns out not to be.

Is the team member really to blame? If they cheated or did an unethical short-cut, then yes they are. But most of the time, that’s not the case. Rather, it’s a matter of a misalignment and a lack of clarity between what you want and what the team member thinks needs to be done.


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