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CEO Warrior’s Mike Agugliaro Shares Top Insights from the Best Business Minds in New Book

Business mentor and home service industry expert, publishes a new book, ‘Million Dollar CEO Warrior Insights – Series 1,’ sharing business strategies from some of the top business minds.

CEO Warrior founder Mike Agugliaro has released his seventh book, “Million Dollar CEO Warrior Insights – Series 1.” It’s a collection of conversations with five of the world’s top business experts: Brian Tracy, Cameron Herold, Mike Michalowicz, Larry Winget, and Dan Kuschell.

It has already been picked up by 226 media outlets, including Yahoo Finance!, Markets Insider, and the New York Business Journal.
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Markets Insider
New York Business Journal

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“If you want success in your business, don’t reinvent the wheel,” Agugliaro said. “It wasn’t luck that made us build our home service business into more than a $30 million a year operation, it was because we built our knowledge on top of what others have already achieved. This book is a collection of discussions I had with five of the world’s top business experts who were willing to open up and share their business strategies. I’m honored to share these insights with other business owners to help them learn the lessons that I have learned from these experts.”

In this new book, Brian Tracy shares insights about leadership, sales, productivity, and success. Cameron Herold reveals his best secrets to think strategically and create a vision for your business.  Mike Michalowicz explains a game-changing way to become more profitable in your business. Larry Winget shows how to be a better entrepreneur, create core values, become successful, and master social media. And Dan Kuschell shares his powerful framework for succeeding in business.

“Million Dollar CEO Warrior Insights – Series 1” follows Agugliaro’s other well-known publications: “The Secrets of Business Mastery,” “The Secrets of Leadership Mastery,” “The Secrets of Communication Mastery,” “Why Your Business Sucks,” “Timeless Secrets of a Warrior,” and the “9 Pillars of Business Mastery.”

The new book is available for purchase from Amazon, or directly from CEO Warrior by visiting Each of Agugliaro’s conversations with these business leaders is also available in audio.

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CEO Warrior is a business consulting, training, and mentoring firm, providing tested and proven methods to defeat the roadblocks that prevent small to mid-sized businesses from achieving their ultimate success. CEO Warrior teaches business owners how to achieve wealth, freedom and market domination by using the tools and skills Mike Agugliaro, founder of CEO Warrior, used to build his home service business into a $30 million-plus business in 10 years before achieving his exit strategy and selling it this year. The Warrior system uses a unique approach to training, inspired by Mike’s straightforward style and martial arts training to create mental focus, strategic thinking, resiliency, respect and warrior spirit to take business owners to the next level. CEO Warrior targets the specific areas each business needs to address, eliminate, enhance or add in order to reach their business goals and attain what every business owner wants in the end: financial independence. For more information about CEO Warrior, visit

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