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Last week Mike Aguglario was featured on the popular website,, about how he turned his start up service business in to a $23 Million success.

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Mike Agugliaro started from humble business beginnings when he was working 18-hour days in a fledgling, two-man electrical-services operation. Since then he’s grown his company, East Brunswick-based Gold Medal Service into a $28 million empire and has also launched a consulting business, CEO Warrior. Through CEO Warrior, Agugliaro put his two decades in the home-services industry to work, offering actionable processes and successful business models for companies large and small.

This culmination of his business experience and expertise is chronicled in his new book The Secrets of Business Mastery (self-published; 2015). The book is available on Amazon and sells for $22.46.

Featuring a chapter-by-chapter collection of best business practices, tips and tricks for service business owners, Agugliaro shares his knowledge about building a successful business. “Every business has challenges when it comes to marketing, sales, managing a team and building a culture,” he said. “This book has tools for any business owner in any industry. I wrote the book with the goal that any service business, from dentists to landscapers, would learn something game changing for their company.”

Agugliaro believes his book offers a unique perspective among business resources.

“There are few resources out there to help a service business owner grow their business with the unique challenges that the industry presents,” he said. “Over the years as I’ve built my more than $23 million business, owners from all over the U.S., Canada and Australia have reached out to me for advice. I saw a need for a book that would make a real difference and help those owners become business warriors. This is a part of my legacy, and I want to make an impact by creating a movement in the industry.”

Agugliaro, who resides in the Kendall Park section of South Brunswick, said it took him about eight months to write the book. “When I would get stuck or frustrated I would go on a hike with my son through Davidson Mill Park in East Brunswick. Those moments of reflection in the sanctity of nature would help give me that extra push to continue writing and create the very best book that I could,” he said.

He said The Secrets of Business Mastery summarizes how he built his successful businesses.

“I took everything I have learned, good or bad, over the last 20 years and shared it in this book,” Agugliaro added. “Learning from those that have achieved the success you want, positions you to avoid the same mistakes that others in your position have made. I’m in the owners’ shoes every day, so I know the challenges that they will face in every facet of growing their business.”

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