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Mike Hobiaca says the Warrior Fast Track Academy will 10x your investment

A lot of information condensed down. I’m going to have to decipher through it. Just great information though. Very good information. Biggest takeaway so far is reinventing myself. Not being stuck. Not staying in my rut. Not accepting the status quo, you know. Not being afraid to incorporate new ideas. That you can teach old dogs new tricks. You get to see how a successful contractor became so successful, to where we want to emulate that. We want to get to that point. That’s our goal and our mission and our target. Being able to see how somebody else came from nothing to a 30 plus million dollar company is a wealth of information.

If we went back and incorporated even 20% of what we’re getting here, initially, for the first year. We’re a six million dollar company right now. I could see us growing another, easily 20%, 20 to 25%. That would put us in the eight million dollar plus range, just by incorporating the processes and techniques that we’re learning here and how to change myself to allow that to happen. Not get in the way. That’s what I’m learning here, is get myself out of the way.

He came from, basically where I came from. From the ground level and working that way up. You know, he’s been in every aspect of the business. The guy is a wealth of knowledge. I’m still amazed by the guy. Just the amount of information that’s in his head. He doesn’t miss a beat. He’s not afraid to share anything, any experiences he’s been through. Any information he has is going to help you grow. That’s all he wants. He wants to help other people grow. He wants to help other people become leaders. I’m seeing that in him, is that’s his mission in life, is to help others. That’s why I’m here, to let him help me. I’ve got to let that happen. I’ve got to let him help me.

Get out of your own way. You can’t afford not to come. Like I said, even if you incorporate 10% in the first year, you’re going to get a return on your investment for the investment of coming here, tenfold. Guarantee it.

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