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Mike feels the Warrior Fast Track Academy won’t just affect you, but everyone you talk to after that.

It’s insane really, a lot of information. We’re in the service industry sort of, so some of the information is kind of difficult to pull into our industry, but the marketing thing, it’s going to change the game I think.

The marketing sense where he just says massive marketing. Don’t leave any room for anyone else. Just overpopulate everything you do.

Well, I’m hoping after this, it won’t just be one business, we’re talking about opening up our sewer and drain department again, so the return investment could be … I would say upwards of three million, maybe in the next three years because Hickson’s is going to take a huge shot up and same if we open the sewer and drain. This is a great … He’s in the service industry, he’s doing the sewer and drain, I think it’ll, like I said, at least three million in the next three years at least.

To come into the fast track, absolutely. It’ll change you and the company because I think talking about bringing this stuff back home, into the family, it’s going to create better people in the world. I think it’ll just spread down the line, it won’t just affect you, but everyone you talk to after that.

If you don’t do this, you’re screwed. It’s great. It’ll change you.

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