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Mike knows the Warrior Fast Track Academy has handed him the keys to the kingdom!

Mike sent me a packet in the mail, read it, looked it over, said, “Man this is sounds good but is it fake, is it real?” I put it off for about a month, kind of mowed it over and then called him, and still kind of had the same impression but I ended up signing up. Looking back I’m kind of glad I did, actually I know I’m glad I did. I came in day 1, I wanted to be the guy that was able to say, “Screw you, I want my million dollars back or my money back for being here because you can’t teach me nothing.” I lost that belief day 1 and I kind of cam back to that belief on day 3 of, “This is all good. I’ve got my nuggets, I’m as smart, I’m on his level. I know I could do more but we don’t align on some things so maybe this really isn’t a fit for me. I’ve learned, I have values here now, I don’t mind my value, I’ve learned that” but I realized that I’ve been handed the keys to the kingdom.

What really put it over the edge to make me become a warrior was I’ve been telling my son who’s wanted to have a mentor and trying to find this business mentor or guru to teach him, “Go seek him out, go find him, just hound his door down until he tells you he’ll take you.” I said can I really go back to my son and say, “I had this mentor here willing to give me everything he’s got and I waked away.” I couldn’t do that. I just couldn’t so I said If nothing else for him because it’s going to make me better and to realize how much time I was going to save because my biggest factor was how was Mike’s relationship with with his wife. That was huge. I wanted to know that first and foremost before how much money he was going to save me because I wanted to be a better husband because taking my business to the level I’m trying to take it takes away from that time. When Mike says that’s a big priority to him it’s more important than the business and that’s why he does all of this, we start to align and that made more sense.

I’m here, I’m in it to win it and I want to be his top dog period. Right it down, make yourself accountable for it because otherwise you’ll have a great idea and you won’t implement it or you’ll implement a part of it and you’ll get some results but you’ll go back to where you were. I don’t want to be back where I was even though where I was was pretty good. It was worth every bit of the money I paid to get here, flight, Mike’s fee, whatever, and as far as joining the warrior group his value was the $36,000 or whatever the dollar amount was … I can’t remember right now. It’s not to make Mike richer, Mike does not need my money. I can see that, know that, it doesn’t matter to him. The only reason it’s there is to create value for me. If it was given to me I wouldn’t respect it, I wouldn’t treat it with anything.

Yeah, I’ve seen tremendous value. I know I can go back with just 3 of the things whether I took the rest of it or not. 3 things out of his package and implement them. I would already turn another $500,000 this year because I actually got one flyer on his water filtration. Something I do huge in my area and we’re in the process of putting out a new flyer campaign. I got out of that class, called my secretary, said, “Stop production right now, we’re doing it wrong. I’ve got a better way and it’s going to be cheaper and make us more money.” That was like, “Wow, I’ve been beating my head against the wall making this flyer and his is 100 times better,” and I thought mine was awesome so it’s little things.

I liked it. I’ve toured other large companies like him. I’ve had other guys try and bring me in and show me and I’ve spent days with them, and go, “Okay, I sat with their operations manager, I’ve rode with techs or rode with salesman’s,” and I’ve gained a lot from that. I absorbed a lot but I didn’t get this. Nowhere else was the culture like Mike’s. Every one of his guys are legitimately just happy, not just like, “I’m faking it for you.” It’s, “Yeah, I’m sitting out here, I’m happy. I’m the guy shoveling snow but I’m whistling Dixie the whole time.” Actually I made one of them give me a snow shovel for a minute because I’ve never done it before and he though that was the coolest thing ever but I enjoyed it too. About 5 shovel fulls and then I’d go, “I want dirt, get rid of this stuff, I’m done.”

Can’t afford it and you can’t not afford it. You really can’t. It’s 10 grand. You’re going to piss that away on something this year, it may as well be this. Even if you didn’t learn a thing consider it your worst investment you made this year but you’re going to walk away with at least one thing. One thing that will be worth that 10 grand to you. Even if you just tell Mike to screw off when it’s all said and done you’ll have made your money back. That’s what it is. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and say, “I’m willing to see if somebody’s got something better.

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