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Michael believes the proof is in what’s happening.

It’s one of the things that drew me, obviously. We’re not too far away, so it’s kind of the same type of market. I like the idea that we would come here, see the facility, see what his people are doing, how they’re acting, how they’re behaving, how they dress, how they talk, all that sort of thing. That was a major part of me wanting to come here, because I knew it was in his facility and wasn’t going to be away in a hotel room, locked up, no windows, no idea.
Here you get the extra benefit of mingling with his people, asking questions, his team, so it was a big draw for me, absolutely. He’s just not talking about it, he’s did it, and he’s showing how he did it, with the people, everything as far as all the things that he’s talking about, like they said before, he’s actually done, so, for sure.
[inaudible 00:00:55] with what we paid, absolutely. We’re just putting down on that list every day, all that strategy that we know that we can go back and do, and then it really hits home, and we start to put the value to each one of those strategies on, how much money you’re going to save, how much more money you can make, and then that just, for 12 months, or 36 months, you really just start to see that message.
They’re probably skeptical. They’re skeptical that it’s really not happening, it’s a lot of money to come here. It’s a big investment on our time and our money. I guess they’re just thinking it’s another program, just another coaching event or seminar just like all the others.
He’s actually still doing it, so I think a lot of people have the business, went through the ups and downs, sold the business, and now they’re consultants afterwards. Mike is actually with Rob, they’re still doing it, they’re still running and operating a very successful business in the background, and sharing what they’re going through everyday with guys like us that are still doing it, still in the field.
The proof is in what’s happening. It’s a short term, it’s only been 2 years out there, he’s starting a movement. The guys that are here, which is nice, there’s guys that have been through the program that are here, they’re listening in, they’re participating, they’re creating another family. It’s just not something that everybody gets on the phone and has a conference call for 30 minutes every single month. We’re sharing the experience, the other guys here, they answer those questions, so it’s a lot more hands on I think.

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