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Marketing Trends For HVAC, Plumbers, And Other Service Businesses

Marketing TrendsThe process is simple: you need to get in front of more people, more often.

The more people (who are in your market) that you get in front of, the more who will likely call you when they need whatever service you offer.

Marketing is all about building awareness and getting people to remember you when they need your service.

Of course, you should be doing direct marketing, using postcards and mail, plus other strategic local display marketing in newspapers and billboards, etc.

But there is one place that is often overlooked by home service businesses and it’s an opportunity that you should dive into and spend more of your time doing each and every day.


Video is a massive category. People are consuming video like never before, thanks to how easy it is to share video on social media, and thanks to how easy it is to watch video on our mobile devices. From YouTube to Facebook, from Netflix to Instagram, we live in a world where people are being trained to stare at their phones and watch video… and YOUR service business can be the beneficiary of that trend.

So, what kind of video you should do? Here are some ideas…

Idea #1. 2-Minute Consumer-Friendly Videos.

Make a big list (a REALLY BIG list) of video topics that your prospective customers will want to know about, and then record one 2-minute video on one of those topics each day. If you run an HVAC company, go stand in front of an HVAC system and talk about the different pieces; if you run a plumbing company, kneel down in front of a kitchen sink and show people what the different pipes are for. Cover topics like: how to solve common problems; how to troubleshoot if something happens; when to call a professional; where to turn off the water or power; what smells to watch out for that will tell you when something is wrong; etc.

Idea #2. Interviewer.

Have you ever wished you could get in front of more homeowners or business owners without seeming like you’re marketing? One way is to become an interviewer of local businesses—restaurant owners, accountants, local shopkeepers, the local car dealership—and ask them about their business. By introducing yourself at the beginning of the short video and by making the video “sponsored by” your company, you get free advertising while also positioning yourself as a local expert. Plus, the people you interview my share their videos with their audience, putting you in front of more people.

Idea #3. Local News And Weather.

No, I’m not suggesting that you start your own news and weather station! Rather, keep an eye out for stories that pertain to your audience and report on those. Does your municipality produce regular reports of water quality? Watch for that report and then record a video on that report with a recommendation at the end that homeowners consider a water purification system. Or, does the local meteorologist forecast a big storm coming in? Report on that storm and give a recommendation that homeowners close up their windows and check their sump pumps. This isn’t investigative journalism, this is you finding news that your customers will find useful and then drawing a connection to something that is practical and will help them.

Idea #4. Daily “What You’re Doing Videos”.

Every day, at some point in the day, record a short video about what you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be a video about what you, personally, are doing, but it could be; or it could be a video where you stop one of your team members and ask them what they are doing (“I’m just off to a customer’s house to install a new HVAC system”); or if share something interesting about your day or your team or your family or your personal life. These little “video diary moments” can be really popular for people to get to know you and your company better.

It’s easy for home service business owners to get stuck thinking about videos in a certain way (like: they are a hassle, or they have to be really slick and highly-polished) or it can even be hard to come up with topics. But these 4 ideas should give you plenty of topics. You can rotate through these ideas or create your own local show with regular episodes on just one topic.

Now, grab your phone, turn on record, and get that first episode out into the world!

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