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Laser-Focus Your Marketing

Have you ever sat down to work on your marketing and just froze because you didn’t know what message to write that would connect with people and convince them to call your home services business?

Not understanding who are you marketing to is a serious problem. Not knowing who you are trying to serve with your service business will prevent your business from growing. Not speaking directly to your preferred customers in your marketing will fail to attract the kind of new customers you want.

You know who your best customer is. Why don’t we laser-focus your marketing on people just like that person? Attracting more customers like that would be a great way to grow your business.

Identify your Preferred Customer

Improve your marketing by identifying your Preferred Customer Avatar (PCA)—that’s a marketing term for a detailed description of your BEST customer, the one that you wish all your customers were like. Your PCA represents your PERFECT customer. This ONE single preferred customer wants and needs YOUR home services. They won’t be comfortable and secure in their home without YOU. And you LOVE to serve this customer. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Do a thorough job on describing your PCA and then create marketing that speaks ONLY to that Preferred Customer… You’ll be amazed at the improved response rate and the quality of your new customers.

Want some help developing your PCA? I’ve detailed how you can do it in chapter 7 of my book The Secrets Of Business Mastery.

Why is it only one Preferred Customer Avatar?

What if hundreds of thousands of people live in your city and the surrounding area and most of them need HVAC and plumbing services? Why would you focus all your marketing on one single person, your PCA? Here’s the thing: By focusing your efforts on this single person, you are not limiting your outreach, you are becoming laser-focused on what your Preferred Customer wants and needs. And that intense focus will pay off big time! Show that your company can best serve your PCA and your marketing will convince people who resemble your PCA.

On the other hand, if your marketing does not speak directly to your single PCA, your message will be unclear, diluted and not particularly relevant to anyone. It’s a tried and true saying in marketing: When you try to attract everyone, you will attract no one.

How am I supposed to know what my Preferred Customer needs and wants?

Put yourself in their shoes. Step into their home. Use your written PCA to figure out what home services they need and what they would want. Is it an older house with an HVAC system nearing end-of-life or a newer house in a subdivision where residents have complained about builders not installing adequate electrical panels? How can you best serve your PCA in their house? What would it take to impress these homeowners? How could you serve them better than your competitors?


Try to market to everyone and few people will respond. But start speaking directly to your Preferred Customer and show them you can serve them best, and you will be amazed at the number of new service calls generated by your improved marketing.

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