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Larry says Mike has ‘NAILED IT” with the WARRIOR Fast Track Academy.

I met Mike out at a great event in California and we started talking. He told me what he did and it was … His personal business goals, before I knew what his company was, were really in line and really seemed solid and when he told me he was talking today, I said, “I have to come.” Knew nothing about it and was one of the best planned decisions I’ve ever made.
I think the biggest takeaways are how you can align your core values and things that are maybe a little esoteric and you can align them with really down to earth, rubber meets the road principles that will help you just crank it up to a completely different level.
If he had charged five times more, I’d still come out ahead. I think every penny, I don’t even think of it as investment anymore. I think of him just giving him something. He’s giving me money. I just gave him a little upfront, but I think he’s just, he’s turned the cash register on me.
I think people are scared of change and they don’t want to change because if they change, they’ve got to do something and they’ve got to get off their ass and do something. I think if you want to sit on your ass and do nothing, I think that’s great for me because I’m going to get all the damn business and we need people to do nothing so we can grow.
It’s not a bunch of theoretical bullshit. It’s guys saying, “This is why it works, and if you want me to show you, let’s go outside.” We went outside. We saw it working. He’s taking the principles that we all thought we knew and showing us how to enact them and actually showing us. That’s why I think to actually be in the shop where guys are coming in, coming out, and actually cranking out money at the same time they’re teaching us how to make money is really empowering.
Everything else that I’ve been to, some of it’s been really good, but none of it has out the good theory and the good practice together. This, Mike really, he’s nailed it. He’s nailed it. He’s nailed concepts that we all know, that we all like and he’s showed us all how to put it into practical, “go home make a shitload of money” way, which I really like. So far, it’s probably one of the best one that I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot.

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