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Kickstart The Service Business

Kickstart The Service Business

Get the strategies and motivation to crush your goals this year. Learn to lead an unstoppable team and make more money than ever… with less stress and more free time. Discover the secrets behind building a roadmap for each area of your business that drives results in your service business.

Key Lessons Learned:

Service Business

  • Do your due diligence, every state has different rules about what you can and can’t do in a service business. Don’t do something that will put your business at risk.
  • Taking action is the key, knowledge on its own is useless, applied knowledge is how you move the needle. Whenever you learn something think about it in the context of three things: what you will start doing, stop doing, and keep doing.


  • Your mindset has to be in the game all the time if you are going to grow the business you want, it’s not something you can compromise on.
  • If you’re not engaged, you should consider doing something else.
  • Plan your day the day before. If you are not prepared, you have already failed.
  • Clarity on your targets and goals is very important. Does your team understand why the target is what it is and how to get to it?
  • If there is clarity in the number, it’s usually attainable.
  • How clear is your team on your vision for where you want your service business to go?
  • Your employees should understand the expectations of them and their role in the company, they should also understand your role in supporting them. Are your vendors aligned with your vision for the business.
  • Alignment with your employees, vendors, and family makes everything easier.
  • Are you building targets that will help you get to your focus target? Track your important metrics so you know whether you are winning or behind your target.
  • Being a world class service business is how you set yourself apart from other businesses and avoid the race to the bottom.
  • Don’t just watch what your competitors are doing, study it. Studying allows you to be tactical instead of reactive.
  • Serve people rather than selling them. Be in the relationship business instead of the transaction business.
  • If you approach selling from a serving perspective, you will do right by your customer and avoid compromising your integrity.
  • Every service business owner should have 6-9 goals that they want to accomplish in the next 90 days. When you put in the effort to accomplish a task reward yourself. Consider the return on investment and return on time when you complete each task so you understand how much you are accomplishing.
  • The 90 day roadmap will highlight the most important things you need to do in your business, prioritized by importance.


  • Don’t do mule’s work when you should be doing warrior’s work.
  • There are a number of third party companies that can take all the business activities off your hands that you don’t do well.
  • When you do everything it takes away your ability to focus on big picture activities.


  • Building a powerful culture is a great platform for easy recruiting. Culture comes from treating people with respect and core values.
  • Your employees will be your best advocate.
  • Build your recruiting roadmap and incorporate it into everything you do.


  • Without marketing, you have noone to sell to.
  • Your sales department has to be engaged at a level that makes sense for your business, don’t promise more than your business can deliver.
  • Use tools and mentors that will allow you to grow to the next level.
  • Marketing is the keystone to your growth roadmap.


  • Build your profit into everything you do.
  • When you’re small, profit is easily attainable. When you start growing, you have to begin measuring everything in order to maintain profitability.
  • The average company in this industry has a profit margin of 3-5% which is pretty low.
  • It takes a lot more effort to generate revenue with a time and material model as opposed to a flat rate.
  • Measure constantly so you understand where you stand against your budget. Measure opportunity, how many times you made a sell, and the value of that success.


  • Most businesses reach out to their existing customers but they don’t do it often enough or consistent enough.
  • Someone in your company should be calling the customers that end up saying no, and it has to be consistent.
  • Outbounding is also a chance to evaluate the performance of the salesperson and ask for reviews.
  • Outbound has the ability to fill your schedule during the downtimes, educate your customers about your other services.
  • Dedicate certain times of the week to outbound calls even if you’re a small team.

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