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Joe says the return on investment is phenomenal!

Heard about it through a friend of mine. I was actually LinkedIn friends with Rob first and then I found out about the program from another friend. I was a little skeptical in the beginning. Which is common. I belonged to other groups for say eight to 10 years, was going nowhere. It’s just like Mike said, they give you a box of stuff and send you home. You’re on your way. It’s a magic pill in the box. No magic pill.

Here with Mike and Rob, they give you the box and they open it and go over everything with you. And, show you how to use it and implement it. And, if you’re not implementing it, they’re are calling you. Asking you why you are not doing it and want to put a foot in your a**. (laugh) So, to me that’s big. That’s worth every dime of coming here and belonging to this group, than other groups that are out there. I mean, you are held accountable.
Like I said, they give you the tools. They just don’t send you home on an airplane or driving home or whatever. You are on your own. Here it is. Use it, this is the way you do it. And, the follow-up that’s the best part of it. My phone wasn’t ringing before I came here as often as I would want it to ring. Now, it rings constantly, everyday.
It’s not there responsibility to sell the job. He taught us how to make the phone ring. Run the leads and sell. I probably would still be stuck in a truck by myself. Or, even worse just giving up. Because, I was at that point already. I’m saying, “okay, I’m killing myself here. I’m not getting nowhere”. Now, I am getting somewhere. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.
Get off the fence and do it. Believe me when I tell you, you won’t be disappointed. You got to be off of your rocker not to check this out. Don’t get stuck on the dollar amount and what it cost. Your time or your flight or your hotel. Don’t get jammed up with that. Come and do it. You won’t be disappointed. Believe me when I tell you. I mean, they will work with you until your business is up and running and it’s going.
I am married. I got kids. And, my wife was on the fence. Oh, you are going to spend this and go another group and this. But, now she sees. Look, he calls. He Facebooks. Even like yesterday, he called, he Facebooked me. Instant message, whatever they call it. You’re coming, right? Making sure that I was coming. Look, what other group does that. No other group does that.
The return was phenomenal. More than 10 times. It’s more than 10 times of what I paid already. Everything that he’s been coached on and taught, he took it all in. Where he gets all of the energy, plus to teach it and keep that. Maintain it in his head. Listen, I don’t know, because I will learn some stuff here and I will go home and it’s like I forgot something. I got to text him or whatever. Mike, how do I do this? He will be like, yeah, I just told you 10 times how to do this. But, how he maintains it. I don’t know.

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