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Jim felt it was time to get off the fence and learn something new.

Training. We heard about Mikes program, seen him on Facebook for quite a while, my wife came out I think about a month, month and half ago, said it was outstanding, advised myself and our manager to come out and get on the same page and learn what she learned, meet Mike. I’m impressed.

Growth. Mm-hmm (affirmative)-. Just growth, hiring the right people. We’re already well branded in San Diego. Everyone knows us as the older home specialist because that is mostly all we work on. Growing our company, hiring the right people, it’s been a process and right now we have a great team, but we still need to grow. We want to move into HVAC, we want to go into Bath Planet. We’ve got a lot of plans and my wife is just very driven.

I think Mikes one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He’s a genius at marketing. He’s very intelligent. He’s kind of a visionary. Look at this facility. It speaks for itself. The number of trucks, the number of employees, the culture he has here, it looks like the place where everyone wants to work. I really admire the man.

A lot of guys think they know everything. They think, “I don’t need any help, I can do this on my own,” well, I’ve been an electrician for 44 years and I’m still learning. I’ve learned a lot just from the last 2 days I’ve been here. Things I never would have thought of in the 28 years that I’ve been in business.

For anyone who’s on the fence, I would say just get off yourself and do it. Come out here and learn something new.