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Jim feels re-engaged as a leader to drive the results they need.

Video: Challenges you’d like to remedy?
Speaker 1: We as owners get stuck. I think you get stuck, and having exposure to something like this where it can fuel you to get re-engaged with your team, re-engaged as a leader to drive the results that you need. It’s refreshing.
Video: How is it being immersed in Gold Medal?
Speaker 1: I think it’s great. The thing that I really liked about it was the fact that it’s relevant, meaning that it’s not a consultant that had an air-conditioning company 15, 20 years ago. It’s somebody who physically has one and is going through the challenges that we’re facing. Being relevant is a big deal.
Video: The value you have received so far?
Speaker 1: We’re not finished yet. I think it’s a million dollar thing, so it’s worth the class to come.
Video: What excuse might someone have about attending, and what would you say to them?
Speaker 1: Looking at the cost and seeing what the value they’re gonna get out of it I would say that 90% of the air-conditioning companies out there, it will be rewarding and pay back.
Video: Update?
Speaker 1: We’re at day four. Just a tremendous value for what we’re getting, just awesome, over the top, ton of stuff, totally change of business and totally worth every penny to come.
Video: What are you most excited to change once you get back?
Speaker 1: We’re a decent sized company, so having the tools to be able to check and balance and make sure that you aren’t running a ship that feels good but may be actually driving it into the ground and not knowing it. Being able to course correct, see where you’re going, and implement strategies to make sure you stay profitable and going.

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