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Jessica Hixon feels business will double by next year!

Managing the people that we have, we don’t have all the procedures in place. Sometimes the guys don’t always know what we’re expecting, or what we expect of them which we’ve learned is our problem. We’re going to have to learn to manage ourselves so that we can be better managers and owners.

I am not a person who can sit in a classroom setting or sit down … He captures you. He keeps you interested. If he feels that he’s losing you, he will swap to something else and then bring you back in. He’s got a great way of delivering the message that he’s trying to put across.

It’s welcoming. It’s no secrets, he’s not hiding anything, he’s not saying one thing and you don’t know for sure if that’s what’s really going on. I’m not even worried about the money being spent because all I can see is the progress that we’re going to make after we leave here.

I just can’t put a price on it we’ll double by next year, no problem. Do it. That’s what I would say. Absolutely do it. Why is that? I know that our company will ever be the same once we get back home I know he’s given us the tools and is going to continue to give us the tools. We needed a mentor, and he’s amazing. I can’t wait for tomorrow because I feel like I’ve learned more in these two days about being a business owner than I have the whole time we’ve owned a business.