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Jeremy says say this is one of the best programs he’s ever been a part of.

I have a partnership and we’ve been out of alignment for a few years, a long time. Coming here with Mike and he’s putting us back into alignment. It’s been great. The other part … One of our pains too is hiring. It’s been really bad for us. It’s been really difficult for us, I should say. I feel like now I’ve got the tools I need to get over that. I say, “I feel like that,” but I believe I do. I really do mean that. I guess the other thing was just growth. We’ve been stagnant, but I would relate all of that to my partnership problems, which like I’ve said, I think are solved now.
I actually found Mike through another podcast. I was listening to a podcast, I believe he was a guest on the podcast. That’s why I started listening to his podcast and then got a few of his emails and decided to sign up. It didn’t take long. Maybe a couple podcasts. I knew I wanted to hear what he had to say.
I think just his energy level and his confidence. The way that he spoke was … What he had to say, it made a lot of sense. Not only was he delivering confidence and energy, but he was delivering real value. I could really pick that up pretty easily. For me, to invest in the program was a no brainer.
I’m telling you I love it. I love his energy, his delivery, his confidence. I mean the guy walks around like a freaking thoroughbred horse. He believes it and he’s real, and I believe it. I like Mike’s confidence. I want to be around it.

Love it.
I think being emerged in it is very valuable. Being right inside of his business to watch it operate, feel the culture, meet the managers, it’s very valuable. It really shows that he’s got something off here. It’s not just some guy operating a consulting business, speaking from books he’s read in the past or guys he knows. Very powerful.
It’s hard to quantify the value you get from these. It just really is. We’ve been writing down numbers on a sheet and I’m probably up over $30 million because the lifetime value of what you learn, if it’s implemented, it’s invaluable. It’s immeasurable and sky is the limit. Really, honestly, in true numbers I bet within two years, this is probably $5 million worth of value, easily in top line revenue. Very easily.
Okay. For sure, by far, I would say this is one of the best programs I’ve been a part of. We’ve been a part of two other major organizations and this blows that away in terms of reality. A lot of it sells promise of blue sky and raise your price and do this. This sells reality. Being here experiencing it and feeling it, is a lot different than being in some corporate auditorium, meeting other contractors and shaking hands. This is the real deal.
I think a lot of people think they have it figured out. A lot of people think they know or a lot of people say, “Oh this is just another conference.” I, myself, I’ve been a part of two major organizations. I’m constantly submerged in this stuff. I can tell you from being here, this is nothing like you’ve ever experienced. It’s just not. There’s a lot of value in those other corporations too. Those other functions, I got a lot from them, but nothing like this. This is real. This feels more real and I believe it is more real.

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