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Jeff feels this experience is going to improve his whole life!

Speaker 1: This is my first time, yep.

Speaker 2: What do you think of it?

Speaker 1: It’s amazing. The whole experience has just been great. I think it’s going to improve my whole life. From the board break, with the breakthrough with that. That was just incredible and I couldn’t be happier with what’s going on in these four days. It’s great.

In terms of how much money I’m going to return? We’ve already budgeted for this year. One and a half million, which was supposed to be a half a million dollar increase over the last year. Now that we’ve done this, if we implement these things and execute on them I think we should easily go back and re-evaluate that target and add at least another half a million just to start. As we start to get more of the marketing up and going too, I think we’re going to get a huge return on this.

The biggest takeaway is managing my time. I’ve found that in my job I’ve just been wasting a lot of time which decreases and takes away from my family time, because I think I need to be doing these things a certain way and I really don’t. Just that waste.

It’s great because it proves the point of he’s using these things and that he wouldn’t be telling us something that he’s not doing in his own business. It’s great that we can see and interact with some of the other management people with the company. I had quite a few questions for your installation manager, which was great. He was really helpful too.

Oh it’s probably like everybody else in the past. It’s unrealistic, this guy is just promising way too much. It’s not, it’s amazing. You feel that he’s fighting for you. That energy that he’s projecting out, you feel it and you just want to carry it forward. I want to come back again. Do it, be brave, break through.

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