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Jared Leisek says “what you would pay for a million dollar idea?”

Add more business units so that’s why we’re finally … That’s why we came here is so that way we can give them their say in what we need to do for the HVAC side of it. Possibly now looking at the electrical side. Mind is blown. What other business units can we add to our business as well. I don’t want to tell them. It’s my competition, you know. I mean if it’s somebody that’s not in my industry, hey Wil, you got to get over here. I know you’re growing your business. It’s one of the best things that … One of the best decisions I’ve made.

You are going to be ten-fold, hundred-fold, I mean million dollar ideas come out of this. What would you pay for a million dollar idea? That’s what it comes down to. That’s why we’re here is you never stop educating yourself and you learn from the best. I mean, who’s making more than you? Learn from them. So many things that you can learn here. I can’t even believe it.

First of all, I’m not going to let anybody come into my operations and show them what’s underneath the hood, so for Mike to go out of his way and do this for companies such as ours, I don’t know why he does it. Heart of gold, and you know what? I’m glad he does it, so we’re learning a lot for sure. A great speaker. I mean there is just no down-time, I mean it’s just go, go, go. He’s just, he’s got the rah, I’m here, I’m ready to teach. I’m here for all of you. He’s not here to just be some talkity-talk guru, or self-proclaimed guru, he’s actually living it. He’s actually doing it. He’s a great mentor to us.

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