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Is This INVISIBLE Problem KILLING Your Business???

We’ve all heard the statistics about NEW businesses that start and fold within the first 1-2 years. But one statistic that doesn’t talked about as much (yet it’s even more alarming) is the number of existing businesses that have been around for several years that are struggling and are facing the threat of shutting down.

It’s harder to report that statistic because a struggling business might be different from one company to the next, and a business can struggle for a few years before the owner finally gives up in frustration, throws in the towel and walks away.

And even worse: some businesses owners think that things are going great but they don’t even realize that there’s an invisible problem that is sneaking up on them to threaten their business! Even if you think things are going great, you MIGHT be suffering from this exact problem, which could end up hurting you in the long run.

Let me explain…

On the surface, your business might be fine but it’s probably not perfect. Or maybe your business is struggling a bit and it’s a stretch to make payroll each week but you’re managing to stay afloat.

This is the surface.

Below the water is the problem… the invisible problem. And the invisible problem is actually a belief in your mind that THIS IS IT. That you’ve grown as big as you can and you’ve reached the top of your particular mountain and you can’t grow more.

The invisible problem is a thought, an idea, a belief that your business (whether successful or struggling) cannot grow any larger or more successfully.

Maybe you haven’t actually articulated this thought in those words but there’s a good chance that you’ve thought it… especially if your business has stagnated or even struggled for at least the past 3-6 months or longer.

Maybe in those moments when things are quiet, as you lay in bed before falling asleep, you’ve asked yourself, “is there more? Can I grow my business? How? What will it take? What do I need to do?”

Here’s What To Do If You Want To Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business, the very first step is to realize that you can do it. It CAN be done. The biggest hurdle is the mindset hurdle because when tell yourself “this is as big as I can get” you put the brakes on growth. But as soon as you break through that belief, you can start taking powerful, strategic action to grow.

Once you’ve decided it can be done, then it’s time to get to work. One piece of advice that changed the game for me – and allowed me and my business partner Rob to turn things around and grow our struggling service business into a successful one – was finding a successful person that we could learn from to model our strategies. We went to some of the best companies in the world, including Amazon, Disney, Nordstrom, and Zappos (and many others). We spent more than $900,000 on our own growth. (Of course you might not want to invest that much right now on your growth, but there are other options)…

Once you’ve found that successful business owner – the one who achieved the growth you want – model them. Copy them. Do what they’re doing in your market. Use their strategies, adjust those strategies when necessary for your situation, and implement.

That’s it. It seems so simple yet so many business owners get caught up with the thinking that they CAN’T grow and they CAN’T break through to the next level, so they don’t. But you can, just by following these steps.

I’ve made it super easy to model my company, and to use the exact strategies and systems that I used to turn around my business and to grow it into a $30+ million dollar/year company. (And no, you don’t have to spend $900,000 to do it!).

I’ve pulled together my books, my systems, and my best trainings into one package that I call the “Super Bundle”. It’s full of my very best information that you can use to grow your business. Just “copy and paste” these strategies, systems, ideas, and tools into your business today!

If you can get past that mental block that your business can’t grow, and if you’ve decided that your business CAN grow, then my Super Bundle is one of the best next steps you can take to start modeling success and implementing powerful, multi-million dollar strategies in your business.



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