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Is This Industry Standard Killing Your Business?

Five strategies to ensure you and your employees are on the same team.

As an employer, you recruit, hire, and train staff to deliver your service to your customers. But, if most service business owners were to be really honest, many would admit that their relationships with their employees doesn’t always feel like everyone is on the same team. The truth is, many even feel that their relationships border on adversarial.

If you want your employees to step up and deliver the best service to your customers, it’s time to make sure that you and your employees are on the same team — that everyone is aligned and “pulling in the same direction.”



Alignment Strategy No. 1. — Start Early: Don’t wait until your employees are employed before you start creating alignment. Instead, start during the recruiting process, and actively recruit potential employees who already share the qualities you need in an aligned team.

Once you start talking to these prospective employees, share your vision of your company with them and get their early agreement. That way, they know before day one what everyone is trying to accomplish, which will ensure they get off to a strong start.

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