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Improving Your Home Services Business

You’ve had some great days in your home services business. When was the last one? What if we could learn something from that day that could be used to improve your good days and even the poor days? We want to learn from your big wins how to create more wins. That sequence of steps that led to the win is a system. By writing it out and defining that system, it becomes repeatable. Make it your goal to run your home services business with the best systems and you will see continual improvement.

Refine your systems

On Tuesday, if one of your HVAC technicians found a way to reduce the cost of repairing a common air conditioner by 20 percent, would you have all of your HVAC techs using this cost-saving procedure by Wednesday? Multiply it out and that reduction in cost could make for a huge increase in profit.

When was the last time you found a way to shorten a furnace installation job by 15 minutes? What if your new master plumber told you how to improve your drain cleaning service in a way that would allow you to bill an additional $25 for every service call?

If you have systems in place for repairing that air conditioner, installing that furnace and cleaning drains, then you would refine those systems, inform your team and then pull in the additional revenues.

Define your systems

Do you believe there is a right way to install a new furnace in a home so that the customer is very satisfied? Did you perfect that way of doing it by installing dozens of furnaces and interacting with a wide variety of customers? Do you expect every technician on your team to do it as well as you do it?

Defining your systems is how to ensure that every customer will be just as satisfied with their new furnace installation (air conditioner repair, drain cleaning, etc.) whether you do it yourself or your newest technician does it. You’ve perfected these systems over time and they’ve become part of your brand. So write them out and train your employees to follow them. Work with your senior technicians to review and ensure that you have the best systems. By training your employees to follow these systems, you’re ensuring that jobs are being completed in the most efficient way possible.

Verify your systems

Many tradespeople have worked in businesses where every technician did their jobs in the way they thought was best. At first, they might find it difficult to adjust to your business where systems have been defined for many jobs. Technicians can be given checklists to ensure that they follow the systems.

A good checklist for a furnace installation would not include every step of the installation. After all your technicians know what they’re doing and you’ve trained them to follow the system. The one-page checklist is what they’ll use to verify that they haven’t forgotten anything important. And it will assure them that they’ve done a good job, meeting your expectations.


The simplest most effective way to continually improve your home services business is to continually strive to run your business with the best systems. Define your systems, refine them and verify them.

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