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Ian & Mandi Hagan learn how to get out of their own way of success

Mandi Hagan: We’re back. This is our third Fast Track in 10 months. Each time it gets a little bit less overwhelming, yet we just bring back some huge momentum from Fast Track to Fast Track and new things to implement.

Speaker 2: What’s changed so far in your business since the first one?

Mandi Hagan: Oh, geez.

Ian Hagan: I don’t know where we’d even start. It’s complete organization, accountability for our employees. It’s-

Mandi Hagan: Communication’s improved-

Ian Hagan: Communication.

Mandi Hagan: For me, I think my biggest takeaway is I’m willing to take the risk. So many times I would do all this research, have everybody do all this research, and then get afraid and not commit. Same thing a year later, still looking at the same thing, afraid to commit. Finally, we just said, “To hell with it, let’s commit,” and so making a decision is a lot easier.

Ian Hagan: Getting out of our own way. It teaches us how to get out of our way and let our employees, key employees, stand up and grow. It just gets them to the point to where [they’re 00:01:11] making … We now realize our role as a leader is to only thing we have to do is make more leaders.

Mandi Hagan: Yep. Our sales are up quite a bit this year, and we haven’t been in Fast Track a full year yet. We’ve added two new vacuum trucks, two new pumpers, an HVAC. We’ve rolled out HVAC, plumbing, electrical, bath remodel, pipe bursting in 10 months.

Ian Hagan: In 10 months, we’ve grown all that. We’ve probably put on close to overall 10 employees-

Mandi Hagan: 10 more, yeah. We’re up to like 22 employees.

Speaker 2: Wow.

Mandi Hagan: Definitely growing this quickly has had its challenges. The great thing is because we’re warriors and we’re in the group, we get to speak to 40, 50, 60 people that have been through the same issues we’re having as we’re going through these challenges as we grow. We have the resources. That just makes everything so much easier to implement because somebody’s been there, done that, and then they just help us do the same thing so-

Ian Hagan: We don’t have a learning curve. We’re not paying to have that brutal learning curve. We don’t have that expense anymore. Other people have done the learning curve for us, and here we are. We get to reap the benefits from that.

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