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How To More Consistently Close The Deal On The Estimates You Write

Actively following up with potential customers and not just waiting for a callback could be the secret to turning more estimates into actual jobs

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re called to a potential customer’s home and asked to write an estimate for work that they want done. After you write the estimate, they say, “I’m getting estimates and will call you if we choose you.” You shake their hand and leave for the next appointment knowing that only a fraction of the prospects you write estimates for will ever call you back.

But what if there was a way to leave those meetings with increased confidence that you’ll get the job?

When most plumbers think about how they can close more estimates, they focus their attention on strategies they can do during the estimate-writing time to help them. Maybe they work on improving their sales skills; maybe they add some urgency (“if you buy today…”); maybe they succumb to the temptation of lowballing the estimate so the prospect doesn’t find anyone cheaper.

But many plumbers overlook something that could lead to them closing on a job, even after the prospect has said they are collecting more estimates — following up.

Many plumbers will write estimates and never follow up. They simply move on to the next potential customer. A rare few plumbers will follow up with a quick phone call a few days later.

But how many people reading this article will follow up daily? Weekly? Monthly? An entire year?

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