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How to Grow a Service Business

A small service business relies on customers, new and repeat, to take advantage of its services. Without someone to buy your services, how can you make any money and pay your employees?

You already know this, of course, but what if your business has stagnated? Even if it hasn’t, you may just be looking to get more leads, attract more customers, and make more money. Maybe you’re hoping to expand and hire some good employees, or open another branch or franchise of your company.

It might seem simple, but it really all comes down to offering great customer service. Chances are, you’re aware of that fact, but have you really thought about what it means? Good customer service is not just about offering satisfactory services to your existing customers. Handled the right way, exceptional customer service can help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

For one thing, you can upsell or cross-sell your services. Unsure how that connects to great customer service? Consider this: your customers might have hired you to handle one service, such as unclogging a sink drain. But you might find out in conversation that maybe they’ve got a leaky toilet, but haven’t thought about hiring you for that service as well. By offering it as an add-on, you suggest you’re thinking of their needs, and if they take you up on the offer, you’ve got that extra business with very little effort.

You can also offer package deals for a discounted rate, maybe five service visits for the price of four, or two services bundled into one price. Everyone loves getting a good deal, so it’s attractive to customers, whether they are just considering hiring you or are repeat clients. It also suggests that you care more about their needs and saving them money than you do about your bottom line. Be sure you continue to offer individual services in addition to the packages, so customers can see the value of paying for a bundle rather than hiring you a la carte.

Another way to offer great customer service to your clients is to team up with another service provider. Maybe you run an HVAC company. You might want to team up with a plumbing company and together, offer your services to families who are doing work on their homes. As long as you don’t pick a company that’s a direct competitor, it can be beneficial to both of you, and your customers will appreciate that you’re thinking of other services they might need.

Of course, building personal relationships with your repeat clients goes a long way toward building your business. If you stay in touch with them, checking up on how they and their families are doing and letting them see into your life as well, you’ll seem more real to them. That keeps people wanting to come back to you for work again and again.

And remember, if you take excellent care of your customers through these methods, you can feel confident asking them for referrals. Such referrals are an invaluable source for finding new customers, and if you’ve worked to offer great, personal service to your existing clients, they’ll be more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. And that can grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

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Mike Agugliaro, “Business Warrior”
Founder of the $28 Million Dollar Fast Track Academy

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