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How to Get Compelling Testimonials and 5-Star Reviews from All Your Customers

Many homeowners are not going to do business with you until they see how many stars you’ve scored on Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews. Some might even visit your website to see if you look credible and they’ll read testimonials if you have them posted there. So we have three tips for getting compelling testimonials and great reviews from all your customers.


The #1 thing you can do to get the best reviews is to over deliver on service. Get them talking! Exceed your customers’ expectations and make them say, “Wow!” You don’t get many reviews for good customer service—you get them for great service. When you deliver a level of service that they will not get from your competitors, customers will give you the kind of reviews and testimonials that they will not give to your competitors.

Ask for reviews and testimonials

We’ve discovered that many service businesses do not have testimonials posted on their websites and they have few reviews on Google and Facebook for one simple reason: they don’t ask their customers for them!

How do you ask for them? If you know that you have impressed the customer, ask them to leave a review on Google or Facebook. If they’re willing to tell you, ask to record their testimonial with your phone. To get more online reviews, leave your customers with a page that thanks them for their business, gives them instructions on how to leave reviews on Google and Facebook, and includes three sample reviews.

Another approach would be to ask for reviews during a follow-up call or email. Be sure to thank them for their business and then kindly ask if they would submit an online review. You can offer to email them instructions and send something similar to the page we just described above.

(Be sure that you’ve secured your free business listing with Google and set up a Facebook business page before asking for reviews on these platforms. There are other review sites, but it’s good to build up your rating on these two before getting into the others.)

Change customer expectations

When you’re confident that everyone on your team is delivering Wow-level service, start changing customer expectations right from the start of your service calls. Impress them by asking them upfront if they would be willing to give you a good review online if you meet or exceed their expectations. You’ll find most people say yes. By asking before you start, you’re letting them know that you’re going to work hard, doing everything you can to get a five-star review from them. When you’ve finished and exceeded their expectations, most people will feel compelled to give you a good review when you remind them.


You’ll get more compelling testimonials and five-star reviews from your customers when you consistently over deliver on service. Not only will you get great reviews when you ask for them, they will become loyal to your business and do what they can to improve your reputation. We haven’t proven this yet, but we’re willing to bet that customers who leave good reviews also make good referrals to your business.

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