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How To Build Training Systems

Build training systems
How to build training systems

Build training systems that maximizes potential and creates experts in your field.

To grow your service business, you need a team – and not just a team of warm bodies but a team of competent, growing experts who want to serve. Part of your job as a business owner is to make sure that your team receives continuous training to help them work more effectively (build training systems).

The best way to train your team is to create a basic training format or framework and then use that framework as the foundation to plug all of your information into every time you want to train on a topic.

A framework that I like, use, and recommend is the one I introduced in my book The Secrets of Business Mastery, and I’ll elaborate on it here:

The first thing is to pick a topic that you want to teach. Then go through this framework…

1. Start by explaining the information to the person you’re training.
2. Then demonstrate the lesson.
3. Then have them demonstrate it back (usually a minimum of 3 times, or until they are confident)
4. Then have them teach you.
5. Then have them teach others.

So pick a very specific topic that you want to teach and run through this format.

For example, let’s say I want to train one of your call center staff on the right things to say to recommend an extra service to a customer who is already scheduling for service.

1. Start by explaining to them why you recommend extra services – how it helps the customer and the company, and then talk about how extra services are chosen (i.e. based on the service the customer has already purchased), and then review the things to day.

2. Demonstrate the lesson through various strategies, including shadowing another team member who already does it well, or even you taking calls yourself while the new team member watches.

3. Then have the team member demonstrate it back to you a few times, perhaps in a role-play where you are the customer and they are the caller. Do this a few times – start off easy but then slowly throw in slightly more complex situations or curveballs over time.

4. Then have the team member teach you, in their own words, the same concepts you taught this. Teaching something is a powerful way to lock in knowledge, and it also helps to reveal any gaps that the person has in their understanding. They should be able to teach you pretty well. Work with them on their understanding if they stumble.

5. Then take it to the next level by having them teach others. It’s okay if the others are already experienced but as the new team member gains experience, start to bring in others who do not have as much experience.

This is a very powerful training system that works in all aspects of your business – from back office operations to marketing to sales to the interactions between your experts and your customers.

Formalize your training by developing this framework in your business and running all training through this framework.

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