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Here’s The One Thing Every Salesperson Needs To Have


There is a vastly different experience in dealing with a salesperson who is interested in themselves as opposed to a salesperson who is interested in us. Whether we sense it in the moment or after the encounter is over, a salesperson who is looking primarily for their commission over our interests and needs will leave us with an impression of manipulation or scheming, and can leave us with feelings of being used. If we go with an opinion like this, that we have been needlessly upsold or taken advantage of, we won’t want to deal with this salesperson or company again.

However, if we experience someone who genuinely listens, treats us with dignity and respect, and even leaves potential money on the table if they see a less expensive product would better serve our needs, we are much more likely to give our business and consideration to the person and company who made us feel this way. Salespeople who genuinely see themselves as serving the customer first, who place the needs of the customer over their own, and who interact with honesty and respect are a vital treasure to their business, clients, coworkers, and industry.

For Business

The sales of a company will benefit immensely from ethical salespeople. Not only will there be far less costly returns of products, as people purchase the items they need and experience guilt and regret over their purchases far less, but there is long-term loyalty that we build with customers when we treat them with honesty and dignity. All people want others to treat them well, to have people show them kindness and understanding. In so many industries, though, people have bad experiences with salespeople. If we treat our customers and clients exceptionally well, we will stand out to them, and we will create an environment of trust where their commitment to our services and product can grow.

Excellent, honest, customer-based service will also increase our reputation in our communities.

As people have positive experiences with our people and products, they will tell others about their experiences. Word of mouth is real for both positive and negative experiences. People will say to their networks and connections about service that stands out, whether good or bad, and our reputation as the service provider will be affected.

for Clients

High-level service will also provide a steadiness to our workplace. There will be fewer emergencies for us to deal with as we commit to honesty and ethical sales practices. We won’t have to backpedal or do damage control as much if we are open and honest about our services and as we look to not manipulate or take advantage of people. There are extreme amounts of energy that people give to covering up mistakes or denying sketchy business practices that took place. Honesty in business makes for a much more stable and lower stress environment.

For Clients

Our clients will benefit from our ethical business practices as well. Not only will they get proper treatment, something that can be elusive in so many industries, but they will also be much more likely to get the service or product that they need. There is much waste in our lives and our world. Our client’s time, money, and energy are all precious to them, just as our own is precious to us. A business that demonstrates clearly and consistently to their clients that they value what the customer values will set themselves apart from the rest of the companies trying to deliver the same thing.

For Workers

Ethical business is a healthy business. In environments where workers will do anything to get ahead, and there are no or few practices that are off limits, unhealthy and damaging competition can rise. Trust between co-workers will diminish, the level of work enjoyment will seriously decline, and the atmosphere of the business will take on a much bleaker feeling. The way we treat our clients will often dictate how we treat others around us as well. Honesty, respect, dignity, and genuine care are all practices that will produce a better workplace, happier workers, and better relationships in all areas of our company.

A healthy work environment is something that people want. For the extent of our lives that we spend at work, a painful, stressful, or toxic workplace is too high a cost for us. Building a healthy work environment through honest sales and excellent service will not only help your business retain your workers in the long-term, but it will also help you to keep your best workers for their best years. As businesses retain employees, they can see reductions in costly practices such as frequent hiring, training for new employees, and overtime or lost business due to short-staffed situations.

For Industry

Ethical business practices have a far-reaching effect. The way we behave in our company can also matter for other companies in our community and industry. The standards that we set can either bring others around us down or cause others around us to rise.

In some industries, people’s expectations of customer treatment can be meager. If there is no other experience available for people, there will be no need for the industry to change. There will be one standard, and regardless of how weak that standard is, it will be the regular practice for the industry.

When you last scheduled a visit with your doctor, did you get in on time or did you have to wait beyond the scheduled time? In most instances, people wait to see their health professional an extra 5 to 60 minutes. There are many reasons that waiting happens, some good and some not, but waiting to see your doctor is the industry standard and is what people expect. What would happen if some within the industry were to see wait times as a significant problem and were to work at changing that to some or much success? There would be pressure for others to try to keep up with that standard or risk falling behind.

We have an opportunity to raise the standards of care and service that people experience in our industry. We have the chance to treat people better and bring about reasonable and necessary change within our industries which potentially have low standards of customer care.


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