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Here’s How To Hit Your Targets (It’s Not What You Think)

shooting-455088_1920CEO Warriors – they’re big-thinking business owners with a fierce drive dominate their marketplace and inspire their team to serve at a higher level.

If you’re on your way to CEO Warrior status, here’s something you need to know: If you want to hit your targets you need to know what your target is and you need the inner drive to hit it… but you need one other thing that is often overlooked…

You need stamina.

Think of the people in business and life who are the best of the best. The winners. The victors. The warriors. They didn’t get where they were by going only 50% of the way to their target. Or even 70% of the way. Or even 90% of the way. No. They hit their targets and achieved the highest level by summoning up the stamina and determination to give it all. They gave more than 100%.

CEO Warriors have stamina to push until their target is achieved.

Here’s how to build stamina in your own life.

1. Clarity and vision.

Make sure you are ultra clear about your target, and that it’s something you WANT to hit. You won’t hit your target if you don’t know what it is or if you just don’t feel the burning fire inside to achieve it.

2. Checkpoints and rewards.

Even with clarity and vision of an amazing target, it’s still easy to burn out on your way to the top. So set up checkpoints along the way – “mini targets” with small rewards periodically that will keep you moving forward.

3. Push yourself beyond your limits.

CEO Warriors seem to accomplish so much in their lives and their business because they seem to have a greater capacity to get more done. This isn’t an illusion. They do have a greater capacity because they are always pushing themselves.

4. Get leverage.

Leverage is when a large amount of work is done from a small amount of effort. If you can get leverage – through commitments and accountability – it will push you to keep going even when you don’t think you can go.

5. Share your fight.

When you are pushing toward a target, it’s so much easier to keep pushing when you are part of a team. Make sure your team is on board and excited about the target you’re trying to reach. They’ll hold you accountable (see #4) and you’ll feel the commitment you have to them (see #4, again), plus they’ll help by supplying skills, resources, and even encouragement that you’d never have if you tried to do it all on your own.

Stamina gives you the ability to keep going even when everyone else has gone home or given up or walked away. Stamina keeps you in the game, and playing at your highest level always. Stamina brings you closer and closer to your target – and pushes you on until you hit your target. CEO Warriors have stamina… do you?

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