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Here’s What Customers Really Need From You

Your car’s engine sputters and dies while you’re driving and you’re able to coast into the first garage that you see. The mechanic looks under the hood then asks, “What seems to be the problem?” And then, “What would you like me to fix?”

Well, unless you yourself are a mechanic, you don’t really know what the problem is so you can’t answer the mechanic’s first question. The car isn’t working! That’s the problem. And since you don’t know what the problem is, you don’t know what needs to be fixed, so you can’t really answer the mechanic’s second question either.

If a mechanic asked you these questions you’d question his or her ability to repair your car and you’d wonder if there was a mechanic who could quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and help get you on your way sooner.

There’s a problem with today’s
approach to customers

There’s a movement today among business owners that they need to serve their customers by asking questions and fact-finding.

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