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Cash Flow Diary with Mike and J


Mike Agugliaro talks to J Massey about how to make smart decisions and turn a small business into a mult-million dollar company.


From Cash Flow Diary:

For more than two decades, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Mike Agugliaro has run a very successful business, Gold Medal Service. In fact, it has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business!

However, his path didn’t take him directly to this level of success. He started out as a very hard-working electrician. This self-proclaimed survivor of divorce grew up in the middle of a terrible game of tug-o-war between his parents. He says it may have made an impact on his stay-on-the-hamster-wheel mentality that worked against him. Interestingly, he says he felt like a dog lying on a nail. Someone might wonder why the dog doesn’t move. The answer is because the dog got used to the nail.

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