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Greg says the Warrior Fast Track Academy exceeded all his expectations!

I would say to them, even if it was 22 hours for me to get here, even if it was 44 hours to get here, do it. It’s one of those things, you don’t know what you don’t know. You see, that is basically the nutshell of it. I didn’t know what to expect. It has exceeded my expectations. Unless you come, you just never know. I could chat about this until the cows come home, I could chat about this. Being here is completely different from having a chin wag about it. Even after day 1, even after day 1, if I was sick and had to go home I had enough in my head that has carried me from day 1 to keep me busy back at the office to change the way that I’m currently doing business and to reevaluate the way I am doing things in business. From anything now, is just a bonus on a bonus on a bonus.

My biggest challenge is lack of time, lack of time. My home life with complaints with the life who is saying, “You’re not around for the kids.” When you’ve got young kids that are 7 and 10 you need to spend time at home. Being a lunatic, working 14 hours a day, stealing parts of the weekend, and then being a little bit stressed out. Then when you are at home almost toe tapping saying, “Rather than watch a movie with the kids I could sneak away and do 2 hours of paperwork.” That has to end for my own preservation, for my own state of mind. Plus, I’m over it, but I still want to stay in business. I want to reinvent myself. This so far has been showing me that it’s reinvent-able, so to speak.

So far it has been amazing. It was an eye-opener on bravery to be brave enough to change the system that I’ve kept in place, cocooned in my own world for the last 30 years. I suppose, break out of that cocoon and move away from what I know into the unknown and have enough balls to know that if other people can do it, I can do it as well. It’s possible to change. It’s all up here. It is a mindset. The mindset concept that we went through last night was really the winner in the whole thing. The limitations in the mindset that [mine 00:02:30] pushes. Everyone says you can’t … Well, you say to yourself, “It’s not possible, I have these problems.” You’re creating the problems and reliving the problems and valuing the problems as a problem when you can break through them.

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