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Service Business Marketing Secrets of the World’s Greatest Marketing Expert

The Service Business Marketing Secrets of the World’s

Greatest Marketing Expert (Who Charges $5000 per hour)

Are you struggling to create your service business marketing strategy?

Learn directly from a marketing expert who’s been there and seen it all.

Who do you look at when you’re trying to develop your service business marketing strategy?

Are you looking at the other service businesses in your area?

That might work for a while. But a lot of them are in the same boat as you are.

Following their strategies may not help you after a while.

But do you know who can help?

One of the world’s greatest marketing experts!

During a recent edition of the CEO Warrior podcast, we had the opportunity to grill Jay Abraham. And he unveiled some amazing service business marketing secrets.

Who is Jay Abraham?

Jay Abraham has been a marketer since before a lot of us were even born.

We could leave it right there. But let’s look at why he can help you with marketing for service businesses.

Jay didn’t go to college and he married very young. He tells us that he basically fell into the marketing sector. After holding about 10 different jobs in a range of industries, he realized something important.

People in one industry don’t pay attention to what people in other industries do.

That’s a mistake in his eyes. When it comes to marketing, there’s so much that you can learn from other industries.

So, Jay started putting it all together. He took a little bit of that from one industry and combined it with a little of this from another. And he started using his vast experience to coach major companies on how to improve their marketing.

Over the years, he’s worked with all sorts of people. He played a big part in the founding of Entrepreneur Magazine. Abraham has also worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, and Brian Tracy.

Simply put, he’s a problem solver. He helps business owners to unlock the secrets of marketing.

And he charges $5,000 per hour for the privilege!

So if you can learn a little from him for free, you should jump at the opportunity.

Here are five secrets that come directly from the man himself.

Service Business Marketing Secret #1 – Fall in Love with the People You’re Serving

What’s the reason that you started your service business?

To make money, right?

That’s the answer that so many business owners give. And it’s that answer that’s going to kill you from a marketing perspective.

Customers can tell when you’re only in for the money. They can see right through you, which means they don’t trust you or your marketing.

Jay Abraham says that you have to look beyond the cash to build a service business marketing strategy.

“You have to have passion, purpose and a sense of possibility. You have to realize that you are rewarded in your business life for the value you create for others. The contributions you make, the opportunities you make available, the problems you solve.”

You’ve got to fall in love with the people that you serve. That means finding out what they really need from you and giving it to them.

Everything changes in your business when you start doing that. Your customers see that you’re trying so hard to provide them with an amazing service. And when you deliver, they’re going to tell their friends about you.

The money comes as a byproduct of this goal. It’s not the reason for starting a service business.

Service Business Marketing Secret #2 – Adopt the Non-Traditional Methods

Jay also warns against following the traditional routes when growing a service business.

How many of you spend thousands of dollars on advertising? Perhaps your entire strategy revolves around spending on TV ads and other traditional techniques.

That’s a perfect way to lose money.

The non-traditional techniques work even better.

Jay points to referral marketing as an ideal example. Why spend thousands of dollars on an ad that might get you a couple of clients? You could offer a happy client $100 dollars for each referral they give you. That’s far cheaper and you’re getting a client.

The big issue is this backward way that traditional marketing goes about building trust. You’re using ads to try to get people who’ve never heard of you to trust you.

That’s not going to work. But a recommendation from a friend is something that a potential client will listen to.

So, don’t shy away from the non-traditional methods. Incorporate them into your service business marketing strategy and experiment a little.

Sometimes, it only takes a small shift in how you do something to have massive effects on your business.

Service Business Marketing Secret #3 – Educate With Your Marketing

You can’t expect a customer to buy from you if they don’t know enough about your service.

It’s why CEO Warrior recommends education-based marketing. Potential clients need all of the information that they can find before they make a decision.

Why make them work for it? Educate them with your marketing and you’ll build trust. Plus, Jay says it’s the best way to help customers understand the value that you create:

“I used to do very expensive and expansive and very large attended seminars. And we used to sell very expensive products. <These included> $5,000 home studies <and> thousand dollar books. And we would always educate people before we asked them to buy. We would give them the understanding to appreciate the value we were creating for them.”

He says you need to help people understand three words:

The reason why.

Most of your clients don’t understand what differentiates you from the rest of the service businesses out there. They don’t know why you charge more and they don’t know why you’re better.

One of Jay’s secrets to marketing is to create a strategy that informs. Your service isn’t a secret. Help clients to understand why you’re awesome and they’re more likely to work with you.

Service Business Marketing Secret #4 – Convey Benefits in Your Headlines

Take a look at your content and consider what the headline conveys.

Now, think about the message that a potential client takes away from that headline. If they don’t see how your content will benefit them, they’re not going to read it.

And that means you lose a chance to get somebody to contact you.

Jay says:

“You want to basically have a headline that conveys the most powerful self-serving benefit that the other side can expect to receive from taking the next step. Whether it’s calling, dealing, asking, <or> getting an estimate. And most people don’t. Their copy sucks”

Take a look at the headline for this article. We tell you that we’re going to share some service business marketing secrets.

Right from the start, you know the benefit. If you’re struggling to create a service business marketing strategy, this is the article for you.

And we add to that benefit because these tips just so happen to come from an amazing marketing expert.

Emulate that formula. Look at your content and think about the most important benefit that it offers to the reader. Once you’ve found it, put it right at the top of the page.

And if you can’t find a benefit then the content probably isn’t worth using.

Service Business Marketing Secret #5 – Understand Your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s say you’re only just starting to build a marketing team. You have one, maybe two, people in place.

You try to get those people to create a marketing strategy that covers every single base.

And it doesn’t work.

That’s because you’re not paying attention to what each member of the team brings to the table. Jay sums it up succinctly:

“Many people impose upon a salesman or woman every skill set that is humanly required, which most people can’t possibly possess. So it’s analyzing where they’re strong and where they’re weak.”

That concept applies to your marketing team as much as it does your sales team.

Say you’ve got someone who’s great with pay-per-click advertising and online marketing. That person’s not automatically going to do a great job at creating a TV ad or creating flyers.

They have their strengths and weaknesses.

The key is to identify what those are and to train or recruit accordingly to fill the gaps. That’s how you build a power team that can execute your service business marketing strategy.

Unlock the Secrets of Marketing for Service Businesses

How do you know this stuff’s going to work for you?

Jay’s used these secrets to give a shot to the arm of the marketing strategies of some pretty major players. And these strategies carry over to the service industry.

You’ve got to love providing a service to people. If you don’t, they’ll doubt your authenticity and question your integrity. Focus on educating people with your marketing materials to demonstrate your value.

Understanding your team helps you to see where each member slots into your strategy. And experimenting with non-traditional techniques could help you to grow your business.

CEO Warrior can show you plenty more secrets to go along with these. And with CEO Warrior, you’ll learn how to put them all into practice.

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