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Glenn Dickey Jr Thrilled That CEO Warrior Coached Him on How To Build on the Legacy of His Family’s Business While Rebranding for Growth


My business was growing, but nowhere near the rate that I wanted,” said Glenn Dickey when he decided to become a Warrior.

I had just completed the purchase of my family’s business. I had attended different courses and had different mentors but I felt like I was limited and gained the most I could from them.” Glenn wanted to continue the success and legacy of his family’s business, but he also wanted to take it further. At his very first event, he realized CEO Warrior would help him develop and execute his personal vision for the family business.

Marshall Services specializes in heating, cooling, air quality, plumbing and electrical services along with heating oil delivery in Skippack, Pennsylvania and all across Montgomery County, northwest of Philadelphia. Robert Marshall started the company in 1945, doing roofing and sheet metal fabrication. He taught his daughter and son-in-law, Barbara and Glenn Dickey, Sr., everything he knew about roofing and warm air duct installation. They added heating oil delivery service to the company. After taking it over, they dropped roofing, added plumbing services, and changed the name to Marshall Home Comfort. After 70 years in operation, their son, Glenn Dickey Jr., took over the reins. He knew the Marshall name was a trusted brand in Montgomery County and wanted to keep that name, but determine how to go about strategically rebranding the company for a bigger future.

The real challenge to taking over a family home services business is how to bring about the changes needed for growth and development. Employees are used to how things have been run and expect it to carry on in the same way even though a son or daughter is taking over the business from parents.

CEO Warrior co-founder Mike Agugliaro knows all about that rut that family businesses get stuck in and he showed Glenn Dickey how to navigate the business out of that rut and toward growth just as he as shown many new executive sons and daughters before him.

Since becoming a Warrior, we are becoming the company I wanted to be running,” says Glenn. “We have grown, adding six trucks. We have turned our culture around, focusing on being the best choice for every customer by exceeding their expectations.” And best of all, Glenn says with confidence, “I see the path to growing to my target.

How did it happen? How did Glenn go from running his family’s company with four trucks, a dozen employees and $1.89 million in revenue to a company with nine trucks, 21 employees and $3.3 million in revenue? How did improve the company’s trade lines of HVAC, plumbing and heating oil delivery, and add to them electrical, bath remodelling, water treatment, and air treatment?

CEO Warrior showed Glenn that changing the company needed to start with changing himself, permanent personal growth. “I became more who I needed to be to get to where I wanted my company to go.”

Personal growth and leadership is vital to growing your business. Glenn has experienced all kinds of benefits from the growth he has experienced as a Warrior. He says, “This has improved my relationship with my wife. This has attracted those to come work with me of similar minds. This has helped me develop a better culture.” Best of all, Glen says, “My family life is better than it’s ever been.

When I became a warrior,” says Glenn, “I got to see what a thriving culture looked like. I was dealing with owners who were currently at where I wanted to be.” How do you take over a family business and make it more your own and pursue your own vision for it? The CEO Warrior culture will help you with that. “I have worked to model myself more after CEO Warrior co-founders Mike Agugliaro and Rob Zadotti, and that has lifted everything up for our company.” Glenn explains, “I became a better leader, our culture has improved tremendously. My relationship with people across the board has improved.”

With the learning at CEO Warrior events and coaching and support from other business owners, Glenn confidently started rebranding his family business. “We’ve built a trusted brand on the Marshall name for more than 70 years and as a company, we wanted a name that reflected that trust and dedication, and to reflect who we are.” Marshall Home Comfort became Marshall Services to better promote the wide range of services they offer to homeowners. They started strategically rewrapping their trucks, revamping the website, and introducing the new logo, signs and uniforms.

Becoming a Warrior has given Glenn a whole new mindset on running his family home services business. He’s quick to point out that CEO Warrior hasn’t just helped him with his business, it has lifted up all areas of his life. “I enjoy having other similar growth minded companies to closely share with, and ask for input from. I enjoy having mentors who I can count on for great advice. And I like the CEO Warrior events as they are always focused on what’s important.” Glenn gets the bigger picture. He appreciates that “the events don’t just focus on the business, but on all aspects of life.

Warrior is more a way of life, and a journey,” observes Glenn. “We all enter thinking we know what we need, then find out, it was something different we actually needed. If you are going to commit to doing what it takes, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, then this might be right for you.

You see Glenn honestly just joined CEO Warrior to try it out. He’s now been a member for over four years. Why? “I have seen personal growth, and professional growth, and I haven’t stopped learning. Mike and Rob actually achieved what most of us are striving for. They weren’t part of the success, they engineered it.” Glenn was born into a family business, but he’s his own boss now and running his own company, built on the family’s legacy but uniquely shaped by Glenn’s Warrior leadership.

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