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Gina feels the FTA was a great investment.

My main takeaway, and I keep repeating this word over and over, is delegating. Neither one of us know how to delegate. We truly believe that we could just do everything, and do it better. We’re stumbling. We’re not growing because we really are convinced that we could just do it all, and clearly we can’t. We have to delegate, train people, find people, and step back a little bit.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the money part, but I could tell by Joe’s reaction to it that he said that we’ve already made back anything that he’s invested, plus, which is the goal. Yeah, I did. Somebody actually came to me yesterday. I don’t know that they’re going to do it or not. They haven’t decided. Their wife isn’t here. I said to him I felt the same way. When Joe did it, he did it without even telling me. We had joint a couple of others, and it was just … They were just taking money and taking money.

You couldn’t even ask a question. If you got a question, it was a stupid answer. You know, I was struggling with the service fee. I said to the guy running the whole thing, I said, “What should I do about the service fee?” He said, “Whatever you think.” It was done for me. I was finished with that. I thought that was ridiculous. I’m giving you all this money, and it’s like that was your answer? Do whatever I think? I told him, I said I was worried about the money and the whole thing. If you sit back and you think about it, look what you’re getting. You’re getting somebody that’s going to help you with even little stupid details that you think are stupid. He doesn’t, and he’ll answer them.

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