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Getting Results In Your Business/Why Some Succeed Where Others Fail


Mike Agugliaro talks getting results and why some business owners suffer and fail despite investing in training and education.

Key Lessons Learned:

Getting Results

  • It’s ridiculous that business owners spend their hard earned money on solutions and then don’t get results.
  • “It’s hard for someone to build a million dollar business with a hundred thousand dollar mind.”
  • Bringing OK training to really good people will not get you any results.
  • Is your mind ready to expand and try new things?
  • Your people need to understand that there’s a mindset gap, they need to be ready and engaged in the information if you want to see results from new education.
  • Ambitious people hunger for more impact.
  • Incremental growth will not get you where you want to be, you need to make a fundamental shift to unlock exponential growth.
  • If it’s all about mindset, why are so many positive people broke?


  • Your mind is like the hardware of a computer, you can’t run a software program that your hardware can’t handle.
  • You follow the path and stick to it until the path will no longer take you to where you want to go.
  • If your leader doesn’t have the mindset to take action, no amount of training is going to improve the results of your team.
  • “Give a tablet to someone who can’t do paperwork right, and they will just suck more.”

The Personal Gap Analysis

  • Ask yourself “where are you today and who do you personally need to become to get where you want to go?”
  • You need to change the person to change the world.
  • If you tell yourself “I will be more focused, I will be unstoppable.” You will start to change the way you think and the way you act.
  • If you solve yourself, you can solve any problem in the world.
  • You can complain about something, but you need to take action.
  • Are you playing at 100% in all areas of your life? That’s what leaders do. Stop playing small time.
  • You have to be willing to do what others won’t do in order to have what other’s won’t have.
  • Don’t help someone else until you help yourself.

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