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A System to Get Employees Doing The Right Things [5th Day of Christmas]

At CEO Warrior, we’re counting down to Christmas with some amazing gifts to you. Here’s a gift for today—five days before Christmas. (Plus I have another gift for you in the PS!)

I remember running my service business and was so glad to have employees who would take the work off my plate and do it themselves…

But then this happened…

At the end of the day, they’d come back to me and proudly tell me what they’d done…


They thought they were doing the right things but they were doing the wrong things.

Or focusing on the small things when I needed them to do the big things.

Or they just didn’t realize that they skipped over something important.

That was stressful and took a lot of time to chase after each one to fix it.

Then I finally figured out what was wrong and I built something that totally transformed how my employees worked. This is something we share at Service Business Edge but I’m giving it to you right now:

Employee scorecards

Every role in your company needs a scorecard that lays out exactly what is required for that job to do. It should be clear and measurable so employees can see it and know exactly what they need to do.

They’ll never miss anything again and this makes sure we were all on the same page.

(It also helped when doing employee reviews—we could immediately see who was working well and who was struggling… and where they were struggling so we could help them.)

Do you use employee scorecards in your company?

Do you use MY employee scorecards in your company?

Watch this video and hear CEO Warrior Master Advisor Denise Swafford as she teaches about employee scorecards.

Did you love that strategy?

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