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FREE MONEY: Here Are 10 Ways To Pay For Service Business Edge

service business edgeThe gurus are telling me not to post this blog post because many of them don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about the price of your event.

But when someone tells me not to do something, I always ask, “why?” and I figure out if there’s a better way.

And I figured it out.

So here’s the deal. I regularly hold events a few times a year, and one of my most popular events are my 4-day Service Business Edge events (formerly called Warrior Fast Track Academy), where I share my secret blueprint to growing service businesses.

I love holding these events, I give everything I have each and every time, and it’s no surprise that people leave these events with tons of notes and totally transformed businesses… and they want to come back again.

Just check out to find out what other people are saying about these events.

And I also don’t keep it a secret that I charge for the event.

For 3 reasons…

  1. CEO Warrior is a business, not a charity. Just as you want your customers paying a fair price for your services, our business expects our customers to pay a fair price for ours. If this is a concern for you, you are in the wrong profession.
  2. We incur a lot of expenses to make this event happen: from food to marketing to pens and paper… you name it. Plus overhead. It adds up.
  3. This one might surprise you: I’ve found that people who have to spend some money to learn something tend to value the lessons and apply those lessons to a much greater degree than someone who didn’t spend a dime to learn something.

So, Service Business Edge costs money to attend. There’s a price. That shouldn’t be a surprise. The gurus say that it should be a secret but I don’t make it a secret. The exact price isn’t published because it changes based on a few factors (like the seat levels and early bird incentives).

But, because I admit up-front that there’s a price to attend, people automatically tune out because they may not believe that they have the money to attend.

I get it.

Money can be tight sometimes and spending money to attend Service Business Edge can seem like an “extra expense”.

So I want to help you. And I’m going to help you in the same way that I help everyone, all the time:

First I’m going to shift your mindset.

And when I’m done that, I’m going to give you some practical strategies to implement

Mindset Shifts

Let me ask you this question: if I offered you the two following deals but you could only choose one (and assuming you had the money available), which deal would you choose?

  • You pay me a couple hundred dollars but you don’t get anything back?
  • You pay me a couple thousand dollars but you get back tens of thousands of dollars?

I’m positive that 100% of the people reading this would take the second deal. It just make sense, right? The first deal gives you nothing but the second deal, even though it costs more, delivers a massive return on investment (ROI). Heck, even if money was tight, if you knew you had that additional return coming back to you, I think you’d find a way to make that second deal work, right?

Well guess what… you might not like me telling you this but you’ve been taking the first deal often and you maybe feel like the second deal is out of your reach.

Let me explain…

Your television… You went out and spent a few hundred dollars to buy a television. Now it sits on your wall and you use it once in a while. It was a purchase. You spent it once and although you might get some mindless entertainment from it now and then, it’s ultimately just a purchase. It doesn’t do anything for you. If you needed to, you could probably go a week without it if something more important was happening in your life.

service business

Your television cost a few hundred dollars and gives you nothing. Service Business Edge costs a couple thousand dollars (depending on when you sign up) but delivers a 10X, 20X, 50X even 100X return.

It always amazing me when people tell me that they can’t afford Service Business Edge… but they own a television and that doesn’t deliver any return at all.

Now, some might say, “Well Mike, a television only cost a few hundred dollars… your even costs more. If I only have a few hundred, I have to choose the less expensive option, right?”

Nope. That is wrong thinking. Let me ask you this:

If you had to pay a couple thousand dollars to go on vacation, you might not think you have the money. But if someone is holding your child for ransom in exchange for the same amount of money, you would have no problem finding the money in hours… or even minutes.

The reason is: it all comes down to urgency. Your vacation isn’t urgent; your child’s safety is.

Which means, if you can’t afford Service Business Edge, then your business growth is not as urgent as you think it is.

Perhaps, without realizing it, you’re thinking that you don’t have the money for Service Business Edge so you’re hoping that your business can survive a little longer… you’re hoping that your business will magically start growing any faster… you’re hoping that you can squeeze another hour out of each day you can turn the ship around.

service business

But you’re missing out on the urgency: that time is slipping away, that your health is slipping away, that your relationships are slipping away… all because you’re spending so much time trying to fix things and grow your business… and if you realized just how urgent the situation was, you’d find the money and show up at Service Business Edge to turn things around quickly and grow exponentially.

Let me put it another way for you: If it took you five years to achieve a certain level in your business on your own… or if you invested a couple thousand dollars to learn how to do it in only five months, leaving more than 4 and a half years available to do even more… which would you want?

Some people say they can’t afford Service Business Edge… I say: most people don’t realize just how urgent the situation is and most people can’t afford NOT to invest in themselves and their growth as soon as possible. It’s not a purchase, it’s an investment and if you can find the money in the short term, you can get it back ten-fold or more not long after for a massive, rapid ROI.

Now that I have adjusted your mindset, let me show you how to find the money. Because: the situation is urgent, and it might not be your child’s life in danger but it is potentially YOUR business in danger and YOUR financial health in danger and YOUR employees’ livelihoods in danger.

So, here is how to find the money so you can invest in the next Service Business Edge…

Free Money: 10 Ways To Pay For Service Business Edge

#1. The Co-op Strategy. As a service business owner you probably already get co-op dollars from some of your vendors. They pay you some money and, traditionally, that money is meant to defray some of the cost of marketing. The thinking behind this is: if they help you market your services and you can sell more, they benefit by being able to supply you with more raw materials and equipment.

However, in many cases, there’s no hard-and-fast rule that says the money MUST be used for marketing. (Some of your co-op money might have stipulations attached to it but in general there isn’t a rule about it.) Ultimately, the motivation is: if you can grow, then you AND your vendor will win. So, approach your vendors and talk about how Service Business Edge is a worthwhile investment and if they defray the tuition, you’ll be able to rapidly scale up your business and you’ll need to order A LOT more from them.

My business partner and I used this in the early days when we were trying to learn how to grow our business. There was a really effective training offered by The Disney Institute and we couldn’t afford it on our own, so we worked out with our vendors to pay for the tuition and we were able to go at no cost to us.

#2. Get A Loan. You might have a business line of credit or a short term commercial loan… or even a personal line of credit, personal loan, or home equity line of credit. A couple thousand dollars as a loan is fairly easy to get and the interest rate is low. And once you’ve completed Service Business Edge and returned home, you can implement the strategies, increase your income, and pay back that loan.

#3. Credit Cards. Credit cards are basically higher interest, short-term loans. For some business owners, using a credit card to invest in a workshop like Service Business Edge can seem daunting. However, what many of our attendees find is: they invest the tuition on their credit card and then as soon as they get back to their office at the event they start implementing the strategies and lessons. Within a few weeks, they’ve already made way more than enough money to pay back their credit card bill. Of course, results like that depend on you and the actions you’re willing to take when you get back to your office from Service Business Edge but it’s not uncommon for our attendees to see a spike in revenue from implementation, so paying back the credit card (even with a higher interest than other money sources) should not be a problem for action-takers.

#4. Friends And Family. Your family cares about you and wants to you to succeed. After all, if you succeed, they benefit! You’ll want to share with them about the power and potential of Service Business Edge, and what you believe it will provide. You may choose to ask one person for the full price or ask a few people for smaller amounts. Smaller amounts are easier for people to give, although it does require a bit more time and legwork from you to ask more people. If you want to encourage people to lend you the money, and if they won’t benefit directly from your successful implementation of the strategies of Service Business Edge, consider offering to pay them back their loaned amount plus interest.

#5. Invest Spoken-For Dollars. Let’s say you have an expense coming up in April that you are setting aside money for, such as the purchase of a new truck or a large tax payment. Well, if you use some of that money to attend a Service Business Edge in February, and then implement the strategies you learn, you can easily pay back your investment well before you need it in April.

#6. Get Rid Of A Vehicle. Are you using all of the vehicles in your fleet? What if you sold one of the vehicles that doesn’t get used as much and use that money to attend Service Business Edge. Frankly, you’ll probably benefit more by applying that money to a timeless investment like Service Business Edge (versus a depreciating cost like a vehicle)… and at Service Business Edge you’ll learn how to increase your fleet in a cost-effective way that ensures all your vehicles are used to maximum capacity.

#7. Sell Scrap Wire… Or Anything. Look around your building. Do you have unused supplies that you don’t need or want? Chances are, there’s a dark and dusty corner of your warehouse where some equipment is sitting, and it’s doing absolutely nothing for you except taking up valuable space. Or maybe you have a ton of scrap wire laying around that you keep meaning to clean up. Or maybe you tried getting into a different trade-line and then got out of it but you still have the equipment. Sell that stuff (you’ve been meaning to do so anyway) and apply the money to Service Business Edge.

#8. Hold A Sales Contest. Hold a sales contest in your company to get your team pumped up and selling for the company. Depending on the size of your company and the effectiveness of your sales contest, the added boost of income coming in can help to defray or even completely cover the tuition investment. And you’ll have the money back in your company before you know it!

#9. Investments. Maybe you have some investments inside or outside your 401k. While many financial advisors would advise against you selling off some of your investments, I can tell you from my own experience that the return on investment you get from Service Business Edge will often outpace the return you’re getting from the funds or stocks… and the lessons you learn at Service Business Edge will give you the tools and strategies to build even more long-term wealth for you and your family.

#10. Mix And Match From Multiple Sources. I’ve listed many money sources above. And here’s one thing to keep in mind: you don’t have to get all of the money from just one source. For example, use the co-op strategy to get some, and your credit card to get a bit more, and borrow a bit more from your family, and sell a few investments to complete. By getting just a few hundred dollars or only a thousand from a variety of sources, you make it easier for each source to supply the money (because they have less to give) while also spreading around the repayment process so that you can pay the highest priority ones first.

Here’s What To Do Next

  1. Bookmark this blog post.
  2. Then, go to and review what the 4-day event is all about. Then apply and get on the phone with one of our CEO Warrior team to talk about how you can attend and which level (i.e. VIP or General Admission) is right for you.

Once you know the investment amount, then come back to this post and review the best strategies to get the money to attend.

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Even though you may not think you can afford it, you can. And the situation is urgent… with your business, your family, and your employees relying on you to realize the urgency. We’ve just shared a number of money sources to help you invest in Service Business Edge.

With this blog post, we’ve helped to address what might be one of the biggest obstacles you’re facing. We’re ready to serve you… Are you ready to step up?

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