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Follow Up to Keep Up Your Customer Base

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Not enough home services businesses do enough follow-up with their customers which is crazy because it’s 5 to 25 times more expensive to convert a new prospect into a paying customer.

Follow-up doesn’t have to be hard: Find a reason to reconnect with your customers that provides them with value. By keeping the relationship active, customers will keep you in mind, find out about special offers and think about new ways you could help them out (or help out a friend of theirs).

Here’s just a few of the benefits of good follow-up:

  • Increase the likelihood of repeat business
    When you reach out to customers and ask them about their service experience, you are showing them that you care about them and that makes it more likely they will get you to do more work.
  • Record testimonials
    Satisfied customers may be happy to give you a testimonial that you can use in marketing to prospects.
  • Improve your customer service
    Feedback lets you know how your team is doing and it may show you where you can improve your service to customers.
  • Show customers you’re different
    Most businesses don’t bother with follow-up so doing it will set you apart from your competitors.
follow-up regularly with customers

And here’s three times when you could do some effective follow-up:

  • Check in after a big purchase
    It’s a big deal for a homeowner to get a new furnace, solar panels or a bathroom renovation. So if you call a week or two later to find out how everything is going, most customers will be quite happy and appreciative. Do not try to make another sale because this is your opportunity to let them know you care and that you’re interested in more than just making sales.
  • Track your estimates
    After giving a prospect an estimate on a repair job or installation, if they don’t immediately book a service call, follow up with them within one to three days. Ask if they are ready to book a service call or if they need more information. If they need more time, be sure to call back a week later (or set up a time to call back). In some cases, you may even want to give a follow-up call three, six or nine months later.
  • Stay in touch with customers
    There are all kinds of ways to stay in touch with your customers. A monthly newsletter could give tips to homeowners while highlighting different ways your company could help them out. Make it interesting and customers could use your newsletter as something they give to their friends to refer them to you.

    Direct mail isn’t just for new prospects. Develop different direct mail pieces and offers to send to your existing customers.

    We’ve done a lot with pre-recorded messages that we phone broadcast to our clients, like wishing them a happy holiday or reminding them that as the season changes they may want a tune-up to their HVAC system.


The more you follow up with your customers, the more active you’ll keep up your customer base. The result will be repeat business and referrals which lowers your marketing costs, reduces sales effort and time, and increases your cash flow, revenue, and profitability.

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