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Fixing Your Plumbing Business

Your Plumbing Business

(Why it Might Suck and The Marketing Tips That’ll Help You Fix It)

Your plumbing business sucks.

That’s why you’re trying to figure out how to improve your plumbing business.

Here’s why it sucks and what you can do about it.

You’re working long hours away from your family and it’s not getting you anywhere. You’re a struggling plumber. Marketing ideas are few and far between and that trickle of clients isn’t going to cut it.

Your plumbing business sucks and you need to do something about it.

Here’s why it sucks and some plumber marketing tips you can use to make things better.

The Challenges That Make Your Business Suck

Every business has challenges. You’ve got to solve them if you don’t want your business to suck.

These are four of the challenges that you’ve got to smash through to find success.

Challenge #1 – Your Recruiting Sucks

You need A-players who think like you and have the same ambitions that you do.

Instead, you’re stuck with people who go missing at the first sign of a little hard work. They tell you that people won’t want what you’re selling or can’t afford your service.

They’re wrong. You’re right. But you can’t do it all on your own.

Warrior Mike Matheny of Service Olympians ran into this problem. He just couldn’t find any good people. That meant he was stuck with people who kept telling him that he couldn’t do what he needed to do with the business.

With CEO Warrior, he discovered the recruiting marketing tactics that get the A-players. Since becoming a Warrior, his business has tripled in size.

Challenge #2 – Burn Out

Your mind’s working against you.

It’s all work, work, work. The culture sucks. The business sucks. You just want to get out.

You stop focusing on how to improve your plumbing business. Maybe going back to work for someone else isn’t so bad after all.

Steven Addario started working with CEO Warrior when he was right on the brink. He was all over the place and had no idea where the business was going. He just worked and worked.

He needed to fix the business’ culture. Becoming a Warrior helped him do just that. Now, he’s got 45 people in his business and he’s on pace to do $8 million in revenue.

Challenge #3 – Money’s Too Tight

Maybe you’ve got awesome people.

But you aren’t going to keep them if you can’t pay them. We all know that money isn’t everything.

Now try telling that to someone who’s putting the hours in. Just try telling them that you can’t make payroll this month.

If your business isn’t earning, it’s going to start shedding people.

Ted Puzio became a Warrior in 2014. Before joining the community, his business’ revenue figures weren’t great. Ted was struggling with bills and money was really tight. 

A bad culture was just one of the reasons why his plumbing business sucked. He fixed that with CEO Warrior and the business now makes $5.2 million a year. That’s up from $800,000!

Challenge #4 – Your Brand’s Too Weak

Failing to build a strong brand is one of the worst plumber marketing mistakes.

If no-one cares about the brand, they’re not going to care about you either. That means you’re just another face in the crowd. Another plumbing company on a list of hundreds that potential clients can choose from.

Nothing makes you stand out.

We come back to Mike again. Before becoming a Warrior, his business had a different brand and identity. It was doing okay…he thought.
But okay isn’t good enough.

After becoming a Warrior, Mike rebranded the business and it became Service Olympian. Now, his clients know the business has the “Best Brand in the Service World”.

The Mistakes You’re Making

That covers some of the challenges. But it’s the mistakes you’re making that lead to your business sucking.

It could be plumber marketing mistakes or it could be culture mistakes. Here are five of the most common.

Mistake #1 – You’re Hiring All Wrong

When you’ve got the wrong people, your business is going to suck. They’ll resist change and hold you back.

That’s all on you. You can make a bunch of plumber marketing mistakes when it comes to recruiting.

Glenn Dickey is a Warrior but he got his hiring all wrong at first. He wasn’t hiring for company fit, which meant he didn’t have the right people in place.
With CEO Warrior, he started attracting the right people to the business. He’s almost doubled his revenues since becoming a Warrior.

Mistake #2 – Letting Fear Hold You Back

Running a business is scary work. You’ve got to figure out how to do plumber marketing and you’ve got to deal with all of this responsibility.

Fear’s getting in your way. And if you don’t tackle it, fear will cause your business to fail.

You’ve got to face those fears and beat them into submission.

Chad Love is a Warrior but he almost let his fear stop him from becoming a Warrior. Specifically, he feared the initial financial investment, even though he’d seen all of the benefits.
He overcame that fear when he reached out to CEO Warrior. He saw that Mike and the team were as invested in his success as he was. He took the leap and he’s doubled his revenue since becoming a Warrior.

Mistake #3 – Buying into the Same Old Answers

What will listening to the same answers that everyone else listens to get you?

You’ll end up with a faceless business that can’t stand out from the crowd. If you listen to the same old answers, you won’t figure out how to improve your plumbing business.

You’ll just make it the same as everyone else’s.

We’ve already looked at Mike and his struggle with the same old answers. As soon as he stopped listening to people who told him “you can’t”… he did.
Mike’s got a thriving plumbing business now.

Mistake #4 – Not Finding a Mentor

Everyone needs a little help. If you’re making the move from being a plumber to being a business owner, you’ve got an obvious skills gap.

Sure, you know everything you need to about plumbing. But you don’t know how to build a business around that knowledge.

That’s where a mentor comes in.

Steven Addario struggled with finding a place where he could fit. He was looking for mentors in all the wrong places and he kept getting burned.
Once he joined the CEO Warrior community, he suddenly had access to people who’d been there and done it all. Now, he’s got all the guidance he needs.

Mistake #5 – No Clear Path for Growth

How can you build a business if you don’t know where you’re going?

If you don’t have a clear plan for growth, you’re just going to wander aimlessly until it all goes wrong.

Finding his path to growth helped Ted Puzio overcome the money troubles we talked about earlier.

With CEO Warrior, he picked up a bunch of plumber marketing ideas and established a vision for his business.

How to do Recruiting Marketing Right

We’ve beaten you over the head with stuff you’re probably doing wrong.

Now, it’s time to get things right. It starts with your recruiting marketing.

That’s right! Marketing a plumbing business goes beyond what you’re selling to clients. You’ve got to market to the A-players who’ll make the business great.

Here are a few tips:

  • It all starts with your avatar. You’ve got to have one so you know who you’re talking to. There’s no point wasting time talking to people who’ll never fit the business.
  • Use your plumber marketing ideas to attract the A-players. Tell people how awesome you are on social media. Put up billboards. Even using recruiting cards will get the word out.
  • Get networking. Go out and meet people. You never know what opportunities will come up.
  • Check out your competitors. They’re probably doing things that you haven’t even thought of.

You’ve got all of these plumber marketing ideas open to you. Use them!

Getting Your Online Marketing Right

For all of the plumber marketing tips you’ve already put into practice, there’s one thing that you’re getting wrong.

Your online presence sucks.

People go to your website and it looks awful. They head to your social media pages and you haven’t updated it for days.

It’s the 21st century!

Marketing your plumbing business has changed. You have the web at your disposal and you’re not even using it.

Here are some plumber marketing ideas for getting it right.

Idea #1 – Fix What You’re Doing Wrong

Having a website isn’t enough.

You’ve got to have a website that converts traffic into leads. And there are three things that everyone’s doing wrong when it comes to this:

  1. Would you go into a store that looks like crap? Of course you wouldn’t! So why would anyone visit a website that looks like crap? You’ve got to get the site looking good before anyone’s going to care.
  2. Stop thinking about your website like it’s some sort of depreciating your asset. In today’s world, your site is your storefront.
  3. You’re not using imagery that attracts your ideal client. If your ideal client is the mom in the white picket fence community, you’ve got to tailor your website to her needs.

It’s that simple. If it looks bad, it’s not going to convert.

You’re running a multi-million dollar business (or you want to be). Your website has to look the part.

Idea #2 – Make it Easy to Get in Touch

This is one of the more embarrassing plumber marketing mistakes we see.

You’ve got someone on the hook and they want to get in touch. But they can’t! They’ve got no idea where your phone number is and you’re using all of these complicated forms that ask for too much.

Keep it simple. If you want people to call you, put your phone number front and center. Make it so that someone can pick up the phone, look at the page, and dial.

As for your forms, just ask for what you need. You can get everything else when you start talking to the client. That means if you’re asking for more than a name, phone number, and email address, you’re probably scaring people away.

Idea #3 – Answer the Questions

People come to your website or social media pages with questions.

One of the biggest plumber marketing mistakes is making them work for the answers.

You want to be the quickest and most efficient question answerer there is. That’s what builds trust and wins consumers over.

A Quick Marketing Checklist

That covers the web and your recruiting marketing.

Now, we’re going to quickly run through a checklist of other plumber marketing ideas that you need to put into practice:

  • Personalize your emails. Make sure people know that you’re talking to them as soon as they open the email.
  • Make sure your copy grabs attention. You need a strong headline and a powerful opening sentence. Get the attention, then make the content valuable.
  • Give customers a deadline. If you’ve got an offer, make sure they know they can’t access it whenever they want.
  • Use images. Visuals create emotion and get people connecting to your business.


You know what? Let’s not give away all of the secrets here. If you want our full marketing checklist (as well as the best practices for using it) just download it here.

The Takeaway

So, have you figured out why your plumbing business sucks yet?

Maybe you’ve run out of plumber marketing ideas. Or, you’ve got a crappy culture that’s stopping you from recruiting the right people.

You might find yourself making all of the mistakes that our Warriors made before joining our community.

That’s okay.

You’ve got to make some mistakes along the way. Now, it’s time to fix them and build the plumbing business that you always dreamed about having.

The plumber marketing ideas we’ve shared here can help you make a start. But there are loads more that you’ve got to learn.

We’re going to leave you with one question:

Has success been elusive and you feel stuck because your plumbing business sucks?
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