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Employees: Your 2-Legged Billboards

Employees as effective advertising: 2-legged billboards
Employees as effective advertising: Your 2-Legged Billboards

Effective advertising using your employees.

As you drive down the street, you’ll pass by billboards – those large signs that that promote a business.

You only have a moment to glance at those billboards so they have to work effectively in a very short time. They have to very briefly tell you what the business is about and what to do next. There aren’t many words – because you don’t have time to read a lot of words as you travel 55 mph past the sign.

In spite of these limitations, there are thousands upon thousands of billboards that line the streets across the country, which tells me that they work.  Effective advertising.

As I was driving past a billboard the other day, I was struck by the fact that employees are a lot like those billboards. In that instant first impression with a customer, or even if someone is out walking their dog and just sees your employee, that employee is broadcasting a message about your business.  Effective advertising.

What message are they giving at a glance? Here’s how to ensure that your 2-legged billboards are delivering the best advertisement for your company.

Employees should have a uniform that includes a shirt, pants, boots, and a hat, as well as cold weather gear if you work in a market that experiences winter weather. These should be clean and neat. Employees should keep an extra shirt in their trucks to change into in case one job is particularly dirty and they can’t get back to the office for another shirt before continuing to the customer’s house. Uniforms should include a name tag that clearly identifies your business and their name.

Care and attention should be given to employees’ uniforms but that same care and attention should extend to the employees’ tools. Tools should be neat, clean, and organized. This not only lends itself to greater efficiency on the job but it also says something about your team member and the company to anyone who happens to see the tools.

Personal Hygiene
Employees should be mindful of how clean they are. The home service industry can sometimes have dirty jobs so employees should be prepared to wash up after a project so they can appear at the next person’s house in a clean and tidy state. Along with cleaning the easier-to-reach dirt, employees should watch for dirt under the nails, messy hair, and bad breath.

Behavior And Demeanor
Employees should always be helpful and productive – even if they don’t think anyone is watching (because someone is probably watching). Guide your team to always stick to the highest standard of behavior at all times.

The words that your employees use are important. Employees should be instructed to watch their language (no swearing) and to always assume that someone can overhear their conversation. Not only that, but HOW they speak is also important: they should be respectful and courteous even if they don’t think someone else is listening.

As your employees head out to see your customers every day, what are they communicating as “2-legged billboards” to the people who encounter them? Start with these 5 components and train your team to always adhere to the highest standards, regardless of who they think is watching.