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Employee Care: Why Do You Need to Watch Your Words?

I recently read an article called “7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Employees” on Entrepreneur and thought it was really interesting. As a service business owner, I know you’ve been there – struggling to manage unmotivated employees, having to resolve conflicts, and generally feeling like your workers don’t view themselves as part of a team.

I also know you want to build a great team. Your workers are a big part of the key to creating wealth, gaining freedom, and attaining market domination.

When you’re frustrated or feel like someone’s testing your patience, it’s easy to say something you regret. But as the boss, you’ve got to watch what you say – allowing yourself to speak without thinking could ultimately make your employees feel even less motivated.

The Entrepreneur article I mentioned above has a great list of seven phrases you, as the boss, need to be really careful to avoid. Watching your tongue can protect your reputation, and build trust among your employees.

“I’m the boss. Do as I say.”

Do you want your workers to respect you? Show them respect and hold yourself to the same standards.

“You’re lucky to have a job.”

No one wants to be told that they owe their employer gratitude simply for giving them a job. If you have a problem with a worker – talk to him about it, or cut ties.

“If you don’t like it, I’ll find someone who does.”

If you threaten your employees with firing all the time, they’ll do the job – at least for a while. You can expect to see a lack of motivation and an eventual mass exodus if you take this approach to management.

“Why are you the only one who has a problem with this?”

Are you dealing with someone who is regularly obstinate, or are you simply unwilling to listen when someone has a concern about a situation, or is having a bad day? Don’t compare or play favorites.

“I don’t have time for this.”

Your job as the boss is to be there when your employees need to talk to you. Set aside a few minutes when someone needs your attention.

“You have no idea what stress is.”

Your own stress isn’t necessarily more than anyone else’s – just different. Don’t act as though your employees’ stress doesn’t matter.

“Do you see my name on that door?”

Maybe your company brand is built around your own name – but that doesn’t mean you’re solely responsible for building it. Give credit where credit is due.

Remember, you’re a part of the team as well – to be an effective leader, you need to be present and never condescending. Work on how you word things, avoid these statements, and I know you’ll build a motivated, awesome team that will continue to grow.

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