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Easy Ways to Find and Keep Customers

Let me be honest with you for a few minutes. You can do all the marketing in the world, you can build an incredible team – but unless you have a steady stream of new and repeat customers, you’re not going to be in business very long.

Service business owners have a lot on their minds. You’ve got to think about running the business, making sure techs are trained, making sure there’s a good cash flow, making sure the phone is ringing, and keeping customers happy so they keep coming back to you when they need your services. Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician, or an HVAC specialist, your bread and butter is your customer base.

So what’s the secret to getting more customers and making more money? With ServiceKey, I’m showing service business owners how I grew my business to more than $20 million a year, and how they can do exactly the same thing.

These days, there are multitudes of ways to market and advertise your business. You can take out an ad in the local paper; you can create a commercial for your area TV and radio stations; or create an Internet ad that will target certain demographics. You can build an audience on social media or your blog, and build your search engine optimization (SEO) on your website so people find you that way. You can put as little or as much money into marketing and advertising as you want.

But remember, word of mouth still goes a long way, so your customer service is key. Do you offer 24/7 service to your customers? Do you and your techs put forth every effort to solve their problem in a satisfactory way? Trust me, your customers will notice. If they’re satisfied with your service, they’ll tell friends and family who are looking for the same services. When you hear from those people and offer the same quality of service, they’ll pass on the word too. You won’t believe how much that will do to grow your customer network.

And keep it up, if you want to keep your customers. In our industry, service calls are rarely a one and done situation. If someone needs you once, they’ll need you again. Take care of anyone who calls, offer extraordinary customer service, and they’ll keep coming back to your company every time they need help.

Great customer service is just one of the keys to business mastery. Contact ServiceKey today and I’ll show you how to unlock all of them and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Mike Agugliaro, “Business Ninja”
Founder of the $23 Million Dollar Service Blueprint and Service Warrior Business Mastermind

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