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Dustin feels his $2 Million can be a $10 Million business!

I’ve been working with Mike for a year and I’m back at Fast Track Academy just rebuilding some of the same muscles some of the same things I’ve learned in the past. You never always learn it the first time, it takes a lot of times, and then we have some breakout sessions. Tonight I’m going to be going over outbound calling. Yesterday was talking about culture, learning all about culture, making the culture better on the team. There’s always a million things to do, this is probably my fourth or fifth time I’ve been to New Jersey with Mike in the last year and it’s been great. Constantly building muscle.

One of my number one challenges is hiring, but it’s not even eliminating belief I know it can be done. With Mike yesterday we were talking about eliminating beliefs and stuff. It’s not eliminating belief that it can’t be done or that there’s not good people out there. I just believe I’m not working hard enough at it and I come down here and Mike gives you a good kick in the ass and he doesn’t give you any, “Oh you’re doing okay, it’s all right.” You know none of that, he kicks you in the ass and tells you what the deal is.

I gotta work harder at it. I gotta focus and run at a level ten. If I ran at a level ten with the hiring I would probably, not probably, I would be doing a lot better. I probably run at a level eight and do other things and intermingle a bunch of things and not always a 100% focused on the hiring when it’s really the most important boulder I have.

There skeptical, a lot of people are skeptical. When I came a year ago I was skeptical like, “Ah what’s going to be so much different about Mike? What’s he going to do differently?” What I really believe is that he holds you accountable. He really holds you accountable more than anybody else. You can pretty much engage with him on a regular basis if not everyday and he holds you accountable.

What makes him uniquely qualified is definitely the accountability, he has a motivation factor that’s amazing and I really believe it’s the accountability. What I’ve seen in the last year.

He’s not only teaching and coaching it, he has a 30 million dollar business in 2015 so he’s doing it in real life time. He’s not talking about something that, “Oh it worked ten years ago” it’s something that he’s doing now or, “Oh this didn’t work now” and he says, “This didn’t work for me.” Everything is in live time with Mike.

You’re around other Warrior’s your around his team. It’s not only just Mike you’ve got his partner, you got his managers that are 100% accessible, you have other people from around the country that you engage with you intermingle with. You talk to, you see what they’re doing, what’s working, what’s not working, what they’re struggling with and sometimes you see it’s some of the same stuff you’re struggling with.

You’re here, you want to go to his dispatch area. You can see, it’s not like he doesn’t put a show on just because you’re here. If the place blows up it’s blowing up. It’s in live time.

I’ve been working with Mike for a year. I’m coming back to work with him for a second year and anybody who’s on the fence I would definitely, definitely give it a shot. I don’t see how you could lose and Mike’s going to do everything to hold you accountable. I would say that’s the number one thing, he really holds you accountable. He doesn’t just take your money and then you go out there, “Oh this might work, this might not work.” You’re engaging with him every week and he wants to know what you’re doing, he wants to get reports from you and he holds you … I would say the number one thing if you’re thinking about coming here is the accountability factor from Mike.

If I was able to implement everything. I mean millions on top of millions of dollars of value. If I could do everything … Put it this way if Mike came to my business he would take my 2 million dollar business and probably could turn it into within a year to a 10 million dollar business.

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