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Dustin Briggs says Mike is going to change your entire Mindset!


Yeah, some of the challenges are lead generation, internal systems, recruiting, and at this point, 90% of them have been powerfully solved. The answer to your question is really I feel like I have none now, whereas as opposed to coming here I had quite a few.

Definitely the Yellow Pages negotiation possibility, that’s super valuable, just understanding perspective and seeing things the way that they need to be seen in order to grow, getting out of your own way and having perspective. Huge nuggets with management, teams, and structure, systems. I think I’m also going to tell my guys when I go back home that I have a treasure chest, and it’s packed tightly with golden nuggets. I’m not going to pour all of them on the table and break the table. I’m going to unpack them one by one and systematically create a national business that we’re after.

Great question. I was already planning to go to many of the things that he’s gone to, business mastery. He has a huge list of things, like half a million dollars worth of investment in himself. For him to share the best insights from all of that, it sort of helps me just skip ahead, so that’s one. Two, he’s built it. He’s test it. He’s been in the trenches. He’s done the work. He’s actually willing to do what’s required, so that gives me a lot of respect for his opinion and his thought, as opposed to someone just consulting about something they don’t really understand.
Oh, it’s great. It’s very insightful, and as opposed to a conference center, you can see the operation. You could see he’s not full of shit. Yeah, it’s good.

Yeah, I definitely … I have ideas. When he told me about a few things, because ours is scalable, we are building a national model, so ours is a little bit bigger realistically than some of the local guys, and easily worth $100 million to us, being conservative, because of the scalability of our business, certain things being in place that he just taught us. We’re a remote company. We can grow very quickly. I believe in this so much as a testimonial. If someone’s who’s listening to this would come here, and they wouldn’t get at least a million dollars in value, Mike’s going to give you your money back but I’ll actually match the investment that you made back to you personally. If you ever need to take advantage of that guarantee, my email’s That’s how much I believe in this. I make that personal guarantee very carefully, but it’s something that I would be willing to put my name on here to, and my money. Yeah, $5,000, I’m not kidding.

I definitely understand because my guys didn’t want me to come here. They’re like, “Oh, we got too much to do already. Don’t go get us a bunch more stuff.” But that’s not what he’s … He’s not going to fill you up with tactics. He’s going to change your mindset so you can see what you don’t see and understand how to operate as a growth-minded business owner, so it’s frameworks. The biggest objection I think is just already overwhelmed. I don’t want to get a bunch more shit to do. That’s not what you’re going to get here.

I don’t think resistance really has a place in pursuing your dreams. If you keep staying in resistance, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve been getting. If you realize this is your moment to overcome what you’ve been being, and this decision that you make or don’t make is going to shape the course of your destiny, and if you can overcome the resistance long enough to get here, you’ll be forever grateful that you did. If you don’t, continue to have what you had. It’s going to be what you’re going to get without the breakthrough insights. You might get them somewhere else, but he can just give them all to you, all at once. Skip ahead to the results.

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