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Are You Driven By Fear? Demand Success In Your Life

Mike Agugliaro asks you the question “Are you driven by fear?” Just when you think you know how businesses are built, Mike steps in to deliver a paradigm shift.

Key Lessons Learned:


  • The first thing you have to have in your life is purpose, but it’s extremely easy to become derailed by fear. You can either be driven by fear or by purpose and passion.
  • Look at the amount of time you have left in your life. How many days do you have left?
  • You have one life to live. You can either live that life as a leader or you can be ruled by fear.
  • You have to make a conscious decision to be in charge of your destiny. Human beings were built for combat and challenges, take them head on.
  • It’s easy to stay complacent and lead a half ass life.
  • If you want to 10x your life, you have to know where you want to go and then reverse engineer the process to get there. It’s not about 10x the effort, it’s about 10x the impact.
  • Personal power, spiritual and physical, is the key to growth.
  • Clarity and alignment gets pulled apart by issues in communication. The next step is accountability.
  • Challenge the norms and standards as you know them and break them if they don’t serve you.
  • Your definition of success is up to you. Some want financial freedom, and some people want to build an empire. There is nothing wrong about either goal.
  • People are too attracted to shiny objects. We’re inundated with new ideas that we often become overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.
  • The faster you execute, the quicker you will find the right solution.
  • You have to start with small changes in your life, family, and work before you can make major changes in the world.
  • Most people face resistance and give up. The only way to create something worthwhile is by pushing through the resistance. Resistance builds strength. You just have to be strong enough and brave enough to step up.
  • You also have second option when faced with resistance, instead of retreating, go around it. Find a new, alternative solution.
  • You are powerful, don’t wait for other people to tell you that.
  • What you tell yourself over and over again will become your reality. You can talk yourself down or you can demand power of yourself.

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