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Don’t Miss the Next Service Business Mastery Event!

Great news: If you have been following my social media posts at all the last week then you have seen that my recent Service Business Mastery event was a giant success. The room was packed. If you did not see it, then go back and check my past posts. This was life changing for everyone who attended.

I had one client that doubled his highest month ever. He crushed his goal at over $900,000 in one month. Another client believes he will grow by 50% in 2014.

If you are interested in attending my next one, you’re in luck: the date has been locked and loaded!

It’s set for February 27-28 and March 1, 2014.

This event is changing business owners’ lives—at least that’s what one client just sent me by email.

You also know if you saw the pictures from last week that I can only fit so many in the room. I am also committed to giving total attention to every person who attends. The fact is—I’m sending this exact email to more than 150 people on my list. The other fact is that only 30 can attend—so signups are on a first come, first served basis.

To help you even take faster action, I am including a one-hour fast track call for free. I think you can agree that one hour with the owner of a $23 million company is worth some huge value.

So do your family and yourself a favor and let’s finally change the game.

Have a better than Business Warrior of a day!

Mike- Business Ninja

Mike Agugliaro, “Business Ninja”
Founder of the $23 Million Dollar Service Blueprint and Service Warrior Business Mastermind

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