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Differentiate Yourself to Make More Sales

You’re not the only one in your area offering plumbing, electrical, or HVAC services. But what are you doing to set yourself apart from the competition? If you want to see untold success, you have to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

To set my company, Gold Medal Services, apart from the competition, I revamped it into a one-stop shop for home services. I wanted customers all over New Jersey to know that they were going to get a great selection of services, with a high level of customer service and a satisfying experience. That helped me grow the company into a $23-million-a-year business.

Now, with CEO Warrior, I bring other service business owners into my shop to show them exactly how I did it. And if you talk to me, I’m going to tell you the same thing: to make more sales, bring in more money, build a great team, and take your business to the next level, you’re going to have to set yourself apart from the rest.

So what does it take to do that? There are a few keys to differentiation. First, you need to really assess your business and what sets you apart. If you can’t find anything in that assessment, figure out how you can take steps to set yourself apart.

In our business, customers are looking for a few important things: convenience, value, and superior service. What can you do to increase your value in any of those ways to your target market? Can you offer a guarantee that you’ll always be available within an hour, at any time of the day or night? Can you offer some specials to either new or loyal customers – maybe a package deal on multiple services, or coupons after so many service visits? Would you consider starting a customer care membership, to encourage your customers to keep up with preventative maintenance? Do you view your customers not just as a source of cash, but as your friends? Showing how much you value your customers will go a long way toward making them value you too.

Establishing strong values as a company can go a long way toward differentiating you too. Try to determine what your personal and professional values are, and then do whatever you can to incorporate those values into everything you do in your business. Your customers will notice – and they’ll appreciate it.

And if you’re still feeling stumped, be sure you sign up for one of my free strategy calls today. I’ll show you exactly how I differentiated my business – and why I believe you can do the same.

Mike Agugliaro, “Business Warrior”

Founder of the $28 Million Dollar Fast Track Academy

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